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The Halfbakeur

What to read in the crapper of life, where your hopes are dashed and you won't be coming back.
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To borrow a page (keep reading, you'll see) from the listkeepers of marketing clubs to improve the services of the Halfbakery, enable a logging system whereby people who desire to remain Halfbakers can do so only by offering their very lives and breaths in dedication to the high principles of the site and its collective will.

Only by returning an eBook survey at intervals will the account of a Halfbaker remain extant. First missed return results in an ftp transfer of the Halfbaker's work to the last email address on file (I never said this was intended to be unfair) and more missed returns imperil the posting status of a Halfbaker.

Incentive: The eBook should provide a synopsis of difficult Halfbakery issues and a participatory role for Halfbakers to join as a consensus/consensless.
reensure, Mar 15 2001

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       Such a French idea you have Paul   

       Maybe it needs to be renamed to "Demiboulanger"
bobzaguy, May 08 2001

       I thought this would be the French version of a halfbaker, just like the (problably) already well established German Halpzbaker and the Dutch Jaalpsbakker.
lubbit, May 09 2001


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