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The Heat of a Burning Planet

heat your house with a little planet
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The Heat of a Burning Planet is a gas powered room heater that consists of a single metal ball, which contains a series of internal flame nozzles. When the ball heats up, the surface glows red hot. The surface of the planet is covered with a barren terrain of interconnected deserted cities, craters and volcanic mountains.

The planet ball is also punctuated by a matrix of holes, each of which is controlled by a valve, linked to a randomiser facilitating their opening and closing. This means that on particularly cold days flames can shoot out of the volcanic protuberances on the surface of the planet.

An extra feature of the heater are its little orbiting moons. These are operated by a simple motor and rod system (like an orrery) and act as indicators of the perimeter of the safety zone.

xenzag, Dec 07 2013

(?) Prior art. http://cdn.visualne...Pit-Art-600x428.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 07 2013]

Replacement link for the above prior art image https://cdn11.bigco...01.jpg?t=1539633451
5000×3569 [notexactly, Mar 07 2019]

Source of the above prior art image https://www.firepitart.com/
[notexactly, Mar 07 2019]


8th of 7, Dec 07 2013

       What the Borg said. No improvement required.
Alterother, Dec 07 2013

       prior art? - well perhaps, but I have a sketch of this idea in my note-book dated 1992, and it's not of a planet earth outside waste burner grrrrrr.
xenzag, Dec 08 2013


       See the deviousness of my ploy?

       HA yes - now I have to find it, scan it and post it. Will do before week's out if I remember, and will try to.
xenzag, Dec 08 2013


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