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The Hobo Bag

A spin on the doggie bag.
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A silver foil lined doggie bag given to resturants, where all unwanted diners meals and unused resturant food can be put, and kindly resturant goers can cleanly and simply give their meals leftovers to the homeless as they leave the resturant. Imagine how grateful a homeless person would be to recieve a leftover steak! Beats sifting through the trash bins looking for unwanted half eaten hotdogs.
Cormac, Apr 26 2003

Angel Food Program http://www.s-t.com/...-19-99/l01ho171.htm
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       [bliss] has a point if you leave it up to the patrons. On the other hand, there are many programs in large cities to do exactly what you propose: take food that would go to waste and give it to those in need. See link.   

       There is much wasted food from restaurants that never was touched by patrons: incorrect orders, pre-made stuff that was never ordered, etc. This can be repurposed with no health risks, if it is done with the restaurant's cooperation and not via the patrons as this idea proposes.
krelnik, Apr 26 2003

       You can already have your leftover food wrapped and you can then give to a hungry person. What's new here?
snarfyguy, Apr 26 2003

       My wife and I do this essentially exactly as described on occasion. We don't supply the bags, but upon finishing a meal at a restaurant we have asked for a container for the parts we had not touched, and between the two of us provided a fresh, hot, delicious, calorie-rich meal for someone who really needed one. We are of course careful not to include partially-eaten portions, but only those which our utensils have not touched.   

       It's one way to redeem the almost offensive excess in portion quantity served by many American restaurants. On the other hand, I suppose it'd be better to invite a homeless person to join us in the restaurant for the meal. But that's a problem for another day.
beauxeault, Apr 26 2003

       This would work wonderfully up to the point that the restaurant went out of business due to lack of patrons willing to wade through the throngs of homeless people who would certainly accumulate in the parking lot.   

       No malice towards the homeless--just being realistic.
Guncrazy, Apr 26 2003

       Not a new concept, and frowned upon by health professionals in the U.S.. Oddly, this applies to cooked but untouched food as well.   

       Eat out less often and donate more canned food.
phoenix, Apr 27 2003


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