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Upperware Tupperware

Because one Tupperware is never quite big enough
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It's a lid for a Tupperware box that's actually another Tupperware box (held upside down). Instead of being a flat lid. Please tell me this is baked already.

So you put a big mountain of salad in the first box and instead of having to squash it down and mash up all the lettuce, it just sits nicely in its big extra-height Tupperware palace.

cheesecake, Apr 13 2007

(?) Tupperware competition http://www.translationsintupperware.com/
....though most of the entries I looked at were as weak as dishwater [xenzag, Apr 13 2007]


       The existing "Stuffables" series has lids that expand upwards (with kind of a circular accordeon fold) if you need them to - that sort of addresses the same problem, rather cutely, too.   

       But with tops so large as to be their own container, contents would fall out once you open it - that's my usual problem with grocery-store salad containers with bulging upper lids.
jutta, Apr 13 2007

       Tupperware are running their annual design competition.... see link
xenzag, Apr 13 2007

       I've seen plenty of plastic containers like that, though not necessarily Tupperware.
DrCurry, Apr 13 2007


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