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The Human Beak

connect teeth and eat things with them
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Flossing is time-consuming and uncomfortable, and many people don't do it enough. Teeth are relatively fragile and prone to chipping, decay, and other damage. These problems can be solved with a slightly different application of existing technology.

There exists material that can be put onto teeth to repair damage. It even looks like enamel. A patent's teeth would be well cleaned and repaired, with all dimples and suspicious areas cleaned out. All teeth would be scored for better bonding. Then the areas between the teeth would be filled in, and the teeth would all be slightly built out. The shape of the cutting surfaces would not be changed.

The patient would be left with two sturdy teeth, on at the top and one at the bottom of his mouth. These new teeth would be resistant to all common forms of damage and not require flossing.

Voice, Nov 15 2017

The_20Human_20Eating_20Beak I knew I had already seen [xenzag, Nov 15 2017]


       Some patients will need a number of small holes, so they can suck air through them while muttering "Gonna cost yer mate".
Wrongfellow, Nov 15 2017

       This would also be useful for boxers and football players.   

       To avoid flossing, I think you'd have to excavate into the gums and join the roots of teeth together so all the gums are either on one side or another of this beak tooth. Otherwise you'd still need to floss into the gummy tunnels underneath the beak tooth.
mylodon, Nov 15 2017

       What about custom-made permanently installed ultrathin titanium overteeth with boron nitride cutting surfaces ?
8th of 7, Nov 15 2017

       //boron nitride cutting surfaces//   

       Those who speak in tongues might find themselves with far too many tongues to speak with.
Wrongfellow, Nov 15 2017

       Have we not had a beak instead of teeth posted here before? I even thought I might have been the one to post it, but too lazy to check. ... Found it. See link by the brilliant Frosty
xenzag, Nov 15 2017

       It would be way funnier to give birds teeth.   

       penguins don't count, well, maybe up to like five or something.   

       Hang on; isn't a bird with teeth a dinosaur? Not that that's a bad thing.
pertinax, Nov 15 2017

       In evolutionary terms, a bird is a dinosaur without teeth. Saurians are the ancestors of avians.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2017

       Sauron, however, died without any family at all. Poor sap. Even misplaced his wedding ring.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2017


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