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The Human Eating Beak

A device to do away with eating utensils.
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Said apparatus attaches about the mouth nose area strapping behind the ears. One would sit at the table and 'peck' morsels of food into the beak, tilting head upwards so it slides down into your mouth.

Depending on their preference and the menu served, users of this revolutionary device could choose their type of feathered feature -

the parrot beak - for rice/noodles or quick meals-on-the-go

the albatross - for dinner parties when one needs to reach across the table for certain items

or the pelican - for especially hungry people or for lover's of peanuts, jelly beans etc.

A baby beak would be designed for the little ones, and food would be regurgitated into their mouths by their parents (or waiting staff).

benfrost, May 25 2001

(?) This is impossible http://www.iessoft....cripts/beginner.asp
Halfway down, it says 'you cannot do this: Human.Beak = True' [angel, May 25 2001]

(??) proof of early rudimentary human eating beaks http://www.fighting...mages/Dr%20Beak.gif
[benfrost, Jun 20 2005]

Baking? http://www.dailymai...l?ito=feeds-newsxml
[angel, Jul 04 2013]

Eating_20Serpent Similar idea from a very odd mind. [pocmloc, Jul 04 2013]


       OK. I'm eating steak. What's my beak?
globaltourniquet, May 25 2001

       You could try the eagle, hawk or vulture, which is great for tearing of strips of flesh.   

       However if you are still having trouble, simply call over a waiter who will chew it for you.
benfrost, May 25 2001

       Despite the evidence of Brian May in the 'Slightly Mad' video, it seems to be unbakeable (at least using VB) (see link)
angel, May 25 2001

       Yes - excellent. Thought I had voted on a while back... But that croissant went stale. As one of the few posters here who gets to add extra plus points - here's another two. ++
xenzag, Jul 04 2013

       Probably not a good idea to wear this to dinner on a first date.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2013

       I never knew about this idea. [+]
pocmloc, Jul 04 2013

       Excellent! Who couldn't use a spare pecker? [+]
Grogster, Jul 04 2013

       So it doesn't eat humans? hugh! sigh of relief.   

       For a steak you bake.   

       beak beak! +
pashute, Jul 04 2013


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