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The Long Finger

aka procrastination meter
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How often have you heard the expression "I'll put that on the long finger"? - well now you can!

The Long Finger takes the form of an extendable tape measure, only instead of being calibrated in feet and inches it has a blank surface marked off at uneven intervals with memorable names of your choice.

When you want to make a note of something, (especially something you may never get around to actually doing - see link for explanation) you simply extend the tape as you would when you were about to make a measurement. When you reach the most appropriate name of association, you write your short note on the tape.

Extra tapes come in the form of "drop in" cassettes, so that they can be kept for future reference.

xenzag, Jul 11 2008

To Put on the Long Finger http://www.phrases....2/messages/427.html
[xenzag, Jul 11 2008]


       //How often have you heard the expression "I'll put that on the long finger"?//   

       Never. But have a bun anyhow. Gives me an idea for a book: "The History of Note-Taking: From Scrolls To Tape Measures"... [+]
imaginality, Jul 11 2008

       I got yer long finger right here!   

       but I am rather choosy about what gets put on it.
bungston, Jul 11 2008

       // procrastination meter //   

       Sp. "metre"
8th of 7, Jul 11 2008

       meter (from wikipedia) "In poetry, the meter or metre is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse." I always choose my words carefully.
xenzag, Jul 11 2008


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