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What I'm doing now - not

Website app and device
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Sections: What I think I'm doing now. What I thought I was doing but didn't. What I need to do soon. What I actually did. What I need for doing that.

Audio and textual interface to easily manipulate and move between sections, add new actions and get assistance remembering and searching for what is needed for that.

Includes a 'quick entry' method for real short list items to be expanded later, and an expansion assistant learning from your previous activities.

Has special input methods for acquiring info, such as medication, stretching rests, meals and snacks, wasting time on advertisements or halfbakering etc.

pashute, Mar 27 2017

the linked meme http://knowyourmeme...do-what-i-really-do
[notexactly, Mar 27 2017]


       No, because it's in the style of the [linked] meme. Also it might not be a social network.
notexactly, Mar 27 2017


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