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The Mad Hat

This summer, fear has a new name... ARNOLD
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My brother and his wife have been married 2 years, and they have the greatest idea. We (yes, I live with them) have a game called "Mad Gab," and the top of the box just says "Mad," the bottom says "Gab." Whenever one of them gets mad, which hasn't happened in months, they are required to put on the Mad Hat, which is just the half that says "Mad." Try to imagine being pissed off while wearing a bright colored box that says "Mad" on it, it just doesn't work, you can't help but feel better and you're much more confrontable to your significant other, possibly saving relationships.

However, the game kind of sucks and isn't worth buying just to have the Mad part, so why not market this? Make your own and try it, then decide if you think this would work or not. Keep in mind this isn't a normal hat, it's a box. AND IT SAYS MAD ON IT.

Let me clarify something too, the purpose isn't to let people know you're mad, it's to help lighten you up. Next time you're pissed, do your best Stephen Hawking impression (force yourself) while talking and see just how long YOU can stay angry. It's tough.
AfroAssault, Oct 02 2001


       The main point though, and the reason it worked for my brother is because whoever is wearing it automatically lightens up. You're mad, and you're WEARING A DAMN BOX. No matter how mad you are, it makes you grin.
AfroAssault, Oct 02 2001

       I totally agree with you.   

       Can't wait to hear the first salesperson reply, "We're out of the box."
reensure, Oct 02 2001

       So, to summarise, just when your partner's angry enough to rip your throat out...   

       ...you try to put a box on their head. Yes?
st3f, Oct 02 2001

       Wonderful idea. I think that says it all.
sven3012, Oct 02 2001

       Why just stop at mad? Why not have a "PMS" hat and a "bad mood" hat, a "DON'T TOUCH ME" hat, or even "in a funk" hat. I know I get in funks every once and a while that just boggle my wife. Great Idea, a flaky pastry in your box.
barnzenen, Oct 02 2001

       Okay, let me go over some key points here...

1: You don't put it on their head, they do. It's like an unwritten law and, if I hadn't seen this for myself I wouldn't have believed it, it works.
2: If you force yourself to do it waguscukeque, it actually works, I don't care how bad your temper is. Mine's absolutely horrible (Scars on my knuckles & patched holes in wall to prove it), and just putting on the Mad Hat changes my mood. (by the way, it was mostly my sis-in-law's idea to have me move in. Besides, they're broke and need someone to pay rent. Now I'm also broke)
3: PeterSealy, you'd be surprised what happens out here.
4. barnzenen - I don't know if this would work with other sayings, the word "Mad" on a box when you are, indeed, mad is a great bomb diffuser, one of those things that cuts all tension in a tight situation. It's not just to let people know you're mad.
5. blissmiss - replace Osama's with "Pie Eating Contest Champion 1998" and you got a deal!
AfroAssault, Oct 03 2001

       A rather dashing idea, in a sprinting sort of way. I have one question though. Would this not make someone a mad boxer?
tinamn, Jun 19 2002

       I love this idea. I need to invent my own silly sign of angst to help lighten the mood before it gets too heavy.
XSarenkaX, Apr 04 2003


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