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The Medusa's Spooky Noodles

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Just for Halloween why not serve up a bowl of The Medusa's Spooky Noodles?

They comes in two parts, the noodles being modelled to resemble the writhing snakes that characterise the Medusa's deadly hair style. They look like snakes because each dark blue noodle strand has a tapering tail, complimented by a careful modelled viper's head.

The second part of the idea is the serving bowl itself which causes the freshly cooked noodle snakes to swirl around gently in a state of constant motion. They do this because they are stirred into continual action by two counter rotating rings built into the curved interior of the bowl.

Serve in a darkened room, especially at a Halloween party, with a nice clear soup that glows bright green under the appropriate fluorescent lighting. Eat enough of them to reveal The Medusa herself peering up at you from the bottom of the bowl (link)

Happy Halloween to all halfbakers. (hats off to Jutta for creating Jabba The Croissant see link)

xenzag, Oct 30 2015

https://s-media-cac...24020fba888116a.png Medusa's Noodles [xenzag, Oct 31 2015]

http://www.halfbake...whatsnew.html#crumb hats off to Jutta!!! [xenzag, Oct 31 2015]

moving noodles https://www.youtube...watch?v=qZ1OOPn8S6c
[beanangel, Oct 31 2015]


       That reminds me of gummy worms in chocolate pudding.
travbm, Oct 30 2015

       Or Tootsie-Rolls and Rollos in pudding cake died to look like a litter box.
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2015

       youtube [link] has a video of moving noodles
beanangel, Oct 31 2015

       What color broth?
bungston, Nov 01 2015


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