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alter the Hollywood sign for Halloween
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The idea is to create a temporary celebration of Halloween at this time of social distancing by altering the iconic sign.

This is achieved by a blackout of the letters H O L L Y and D on the HOLLYWOOD sign and lighting up the remaining WOO in lurid green. Everyone knows that "WOO" is the scary noise made by all the best ghosts.

With a little bit more work the letter D could become an exclamation mark.

xenzag, Oct 22 2020

WOO ! https://sodabred.tu...-by-xenzag-22102020
it should look something like this [xenzag, Oct 22 2020]

Prior art https://groovyhisto...wood-sign-hollyweed
[spidermother, Nov 03 2020]


       Wait, hold on a min, I thought they said "Boo". Are your ghosts "scary noise making" flunkies?
blissmiss, Oct 22 2020

       This is good, because 'woo' is also a term for a lot of nonsense new-age thinking that Hollywood types might believe in (the healing power of crystals, etc.)

The idea, as written though, //blackout of the letters H O L L Y W and D// would leave just "OO!" remaining, which I like to imagine spoken in a sort of Kenneth Williams/Around The Horne voice.
hippo, Oct 22 2020

       W was intended to remain....
xenzag, Oct 22 2020

       This is clever. HO...WOO. maybe? [+]
doctorremulac3, Oct 22 2020

       It's people that say Boo! to make others jump, but real ghosts always go Wooooo.....
xenzag, Oct 22 2020

       If it's werewolf-themed, it should become HOWLYWOOD, shirley ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2020

       Ah, but what I have proposed is easily acheivable by turning off a few lights and colouring the other ones green.
xenzag, Oct 22 2020

       This is pretty clever, and reasonably easy to implement (being arrested for willful damage notwithstanding...). I would suggest a step-by-step set-up over several days, getting shutters and colour gels ready at each light before the final (Oct 31st) deployment. "D" could easily become a "!" with a well-designed mask or an independent light source.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 22 2020


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