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The Muddle Building

In Amongst the skyscrapers of your famous city is a sour echo
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Another dream; Another half bake idea.

Suppose in order to get a skyscraper built, You had to get approval from all the nearby buildings. Having no money left you promise each that the design of your building "will incorporate echoes of your building" And "be already familiar to the public".

And then you take the church spire from one, The microwave tower profile from the next, Some brickwork, a bit of mirrored glass, and so on. The result looks like a wedding cake a drunk has pumped into and the part time barmaid who "once took an art class" tried to repair.

The good news for you is the building is up. Since everyone knows where it is, the building it is full and the rent a bit stiff.

Architect :: Donald Frump

popbottle, Sep 30 2014


       I am very interesting in not eating that wedding cake.
bungston, Sep 30 2014


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