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Urban rope Bridges

bring the jungle to the city
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In spite of London's milennium Bridge's tendency to wobble Deliberately rickety structures in the city might save us the trouble of travelling to far flung places to experience this sense of danger. Such structures can be across rivers, busy roads, or between buildings. Anything truly "extreme" must involve fatalities. Adventure has no timetable.
giligamesh, Mar 10 2009


       After the bridges have been used the rope can also be sold to raise much needed civic funds ...
Aristotle, Mar 10 2009

       i don't understand your odd choice of capitalization, and that makes it difficult to understand your post. for instance, why is 'rope' less important than 'Bridges' in your title? And was 'Deliberately' knighted recently? or is a capital letter mid-sentence now serving as a comma?
k_sra, Mar 10 2009

       I think that there's a capital letter missing from 'millenium'. The Millenium Bridge being a proper name. I can't find much excuse for 'Deliberately' though, unless he was one of the Seven Dwarfs.

Whilst I'm not so keen on the plummeting aspect of this, I do like the idea of deliberately rickety structures, so + from me.
DrBob, Mar 10 2009

       I'm with k_sra about the quality of editing in presentation of the idea. I would hope, however, that you would find the room and the engineered means to add a few swinging crosstown rope vines to your concept, if only to acknowledge the Greystoke heritage.
jurist, Mar 11 2009

       sp. "millennium"
coprocephalous, Mar 11 2009

       Quite a lot of adventures in fact have reasonably complex, well-thought-out timetables. Anyway, [+].
hippo, Mar 11 2009

       This idea is kind of growing on me. Like a vine grows around a root and squeezes it till it yelps. I think I like it. +
blissmiss, Mar 11 2009


bungston, Mar 11 2009

       This idea has great potential for expansion. For example, we could replace elevators with cargo netting draped down the sides of corporate skyscrapers. Maybe retrofit a parapet about every 5th floor or so?   

       T'would certainly bring new significance to the term "climbing the corporate ladder"...
Canuck, Mar 11 2009

       I don't know - life in the Capital is getting dangerous what with Boris changing all the crossings so we only have 6 seconds to run across.
po, Mar 11 2009


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