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The Overuser of Custard Destroyer

Blasts people who think about Custard into oblivian!
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A satellite equipped with a super powerful earpiece and a death ray is launched. The satellite orbits the earth once every few hours, and listens to everyone below. If it hears 'Custard', then it shoots a deadly laser beam below and vaporizes the blasphemous person. It will be perfect, once we develope the necessary tech to do it, and it will completely eliminate custard.
Rmac, Oct 18 2009

Blasphemy! http://www.youtube....watch?v=Erthun0Pauc
All I did was say to my wife, "That bowl of custard was good enough for Jehovah!" [Jinbish, Oct 18 2009]


       Could this not be modified to fry anyone who mentions the C-word before December 24th?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2009

       No, It wouldn't, because you've been warned, so you wouldn't tsalk about it.   

       And isn't quiche more like an omlette, Unabubble? But You are right, and I don't like custard.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       Quiche filling is just an unsweetened custard, so no, it isn't just an "omlette" [sic]
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2009

       ah, i see. never liked quiche or custard. also, yes, we can give leniancy on christmas, becausenobody wants to be blown up on christmas, and many people eat it on christmas.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

       He mentioned the C-word!
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2009

       If only we had launched it by now. But, Everyone is voting against it,so it looks like I am safe. Custard, Custard, Custard.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009

pocmloc, Oct 21 2009


       I smell oblivian.
lurch, Oct 22 2009

       Maybe. From the subtitle, though, I thought that [Rmac] was suggesting flinging offenders into some sort of Siberian style goose-liver-paté based flan.
lurch, Oct 22 2009

       Pudding. Custard flavored pudding would be a nice alternative.
blissmiss, Oct 22 2009

       This is just the kind of overblown, knee jerk reaction that has brought this planet to it's knees!
Twizz, Oct 22 2009

       The turtle has to rest sometimes.   

       //plot//: The noise of a bubble surfacing in a saucepan of thick curggh...
pocmloc, Oct 26 2009

nineteenthly, Oct 26 2009


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