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The Paraphernalia Cleaner

Get your smoking devices just like new.
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This idea came to me when I was quite high and trying to clean out my bowl. Someone should invest in a business where he/she cleans out paraphernalia for a fee. This would save alot of aggravation on a chronic users part. It's very upsetting to try and toke it up only to discover that resin has infested your bowl to the point of no return. The pothead could instead take his resinated bowl to the cleaner and get it professionally cleaned, therefore, eliminating this devastating problem.
Steph P, Jul 20 2000

Inflatable Bong http://www.pfwoot.com
Check my bong- you just throw it in the washing machine! [phwootmaster, Jul 20 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       (Slightly) baked: "Formula 420" is super strong pot-head target-market cleanser that bubbles all your bowl resin away. You submerge your piece in the stuff, and it does all the work. I understand it also makes the piece scented. On sale at my local alterna-mart.
naveline, Jul 21 2000

       Rubbing alcohol will take resin right off of whatever its sticking too. The way i clean my 4 foot-er is to pour some alcohol into it, and some rock salt, cover the top and stem, shake it up good, the rock salt scrapes all the resin away nice and clean.
turboflier, Jul 22 2000

       Formula 420 works better than rubbing alcohol, um, er, or so ive heard. Takes about a minute, and if anything's left, a little hot water and a Q-Tip should take care of it.
xlr8r, Aug 24 2000

       geez, and to think we used to smoke the shit during dry spells.
Scott_D, Aug 24 2000

       Welcome to the wonderful world of California....
xlr8r, Aug 24 2000


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