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Warm-Air Infused Shower

A combo warm-air/water shower head to infuse the stream of shower water with warm (or cool) air.
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The "Warm-Air Infused Shower Head" (WAiSH) package includes a various setting shower head on the end of a 1.5 foot long flexible tube. The shower head can output water like traditional replacement Pixie shower heads can, with a slow pulsating massage, fast pulsating massage, high pressure, and low pressure setting. The shower head also includes a powerful integrated fan and heating element (both insulated and protected from giving electrical shocks) directly behind the jets where water comes out. The shower head water temperature can be set using traditional methods. For controlling the various functions of the WAiSH system, a stick-on-the-wall remote control is included in the package. This remote control is of course water proof, and has two dials to control the air speed and the air temperature. The system will produce a warm stream of air (similar to a hair drier) that instantly turns the ejected water from the shower head into a warm-air infused mist, which is unexplainable in terms of comfort (especially after waking up in the early morning with the shivers). An upgrade WAiSH system allows the shower head to output cool air as well. With cool air and warm water, the system creates a truely unique feeling on the body, which is especially comforting in warmer climates. When Warm-Air Infusing is not desired, the system can be shut off by the remote control and be used as a regular shower. The system can also be turned on without water, turning your shower into a warm-your-whole-body hair drier.

"Wash no longer! The future is to WAiSH!"

skel924, Jan 26 2004

Misting Massage Showerhead http://www.waterpik...splay.do?prdNbr=600
Includes "Misting Spray - enveloping warm or cool moisture." - I'm tempted to buy one of these myself! [krebo, Oct 04 2004]


       couldnt find anything on the web about that tub. does anyone have links?
skel924, Jan 30 2004

       I'd like to have one, but is it available with paragraph breaks ?
normzone, Jan 30 2004

       Dry your hair without getting outta the shower! Brilliant!
yabba do yabba dabba, Jan 30 2004

       I think that a separate compressor/heater would be better than a fan in the shower head. You could route a coaxial cable with the regular water lines.
KLRico, Jan 30 2004

       As a lengthy shower user who always runs out of hot water, I have one word: Amen!
tchaikovsky, Jan 30 2004


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