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The Perfect Alibi Soundtrack

I Would Have Posted This Earlier But There Was ... A Tornado
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Sometimes you may find yourself in need of an excuse and "I'm not feeling well" just won't cut it.

Now you can have the sound of honking horns and frustrated motorists to accompany your claim that you're stuck in traffic. If you want to lie and say you/your spouse is sick, then it'll be much more convincing to the background sounds of hacking coughs. Or if your desire is to claim to be stuck at work, you can do so to the sound of tapping keyboards and general office bustle (Best not used when lying to your boss. Only the most daring excuse maker would claim to already be at work).

And for the more theatrical excuse needer, there is the Alibis from the Movies soundtrack. No long operatic melodies here; just the voices and sound effects from famous action/disaster films. Whether your claim is that your boat has just hit an iceberg, that you're trapped in a mall by a horde of zombies or that you're being chased by Godzilla, this soundtrack will provide the solution. Without the slightest hint of a Celene Dion song.

hidden truths, Jul 10 2008

Sound Alibi Key Ring http://www.thegadge...und-alibi-key-ring/
Sounds the same to me. [phoenix, Jul 11 2008]


       I think you can buy this as a keychain. I'll have to look but I think one of the joke companies sold a keychain with buttons covering standard excuse backup sounds.
MisterQED, Jul 10 2008

       "I know officer. We are looking for them. They got us too. "   

       This is what my teenage brother said to a policeman, who stopped him him and his carful of friends on suspicion of vandalizing a neighborhood at 1 am (which they were doing.) To which the officer replied:   

       "You go home son and leave this to us."
leinypoo13, Jul 10 2008

       I just found out a friend of mine used to work in a Boiler Room in continental Europe. They sold fraudulent currency options to high-net-worth individuals, but if the fake investment actually turned good the office would have to make a grandiose bustle of background noises while one salesman makes a vital call to an investor simply saying that great news - markets climbing - they are reinvesting their money for another month - can't talk now - manic. One month later and the ghost investment has crumbled in to dust and its body rests in a bank account in the Antilles.
theleopard, Jul 11 2008

       Looks like the first part of this idea is baked, but I think the second half is better anyway.   

       That's a pretty great lie [leinypoo13].
hidden truths, Jul 11 2008

       i'll bun it!! I can think of a time or ten I could have used one.
r_kreher, Jul 14 2008

       The ‘Faris Bueller's Day Off ‘ alibi support tool. It could also make obscene background noises to ensure the discomfort and quick disconnect of the other party.   

       There are other uses too for those theatrical types. It could make great background for answering machines.   

       When I was not paying attention, my then 10 year old son (now in theater), would egg on cold calling salesman with his ‘man of the house’ antics including sound effects. His objective was to keep them on the phone as long as possible by pretending to buy. Sometimes he liked to interrupt the calls with a very realistic automated voice operator who demanded the caller deposit money into their payphone. It was hard to yell at him while I was laughing. [+]
CwP, Jul 15 2008

       I've seen sound fx discs with this sort of thing on; Airport, Hospital, Station, etc. Keep a tape/CD handy in the car or at home and just pop it in the stereo. A 'really' handy invention would be a phone which actually mixed these sounds expertly into the call, or maybe even changed your voice to sound like a doctor, traffic cop or axe murderer.
mecotterill, Jul 15 2008

       Whats the difference between the voice of an axe murderer and the voice of a minister? just curious...
Voice, Jul 16 2008

       One sounds more like the actor Jack Nicholson…
CwP, Jul 16 2008

       The voice of the axe murderer is seldom broadcast over the tannoy, unless they are one and the same.
4whom, Jul 16 2008


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