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Variable speed ear noise dampeners

make your own beats
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I went to an after party the other night and for the first time, (very drunk) danced to some kind of techno music. I found that if you plug and unplug your ears in a fast manner you can create your own beats to the music. Muffling out parts you donw like and letting in parts you do. So my idea is to have a serve attached just in front of your ear. You control the rate at which the servo actuates. The servo has an arm that presses on that part of your ear that can close your ear canal. I dont know what its called or how to describe. You dont have to put your finger in your ear bassically. Just press on the little flap of cartlidge.

So with this servo attach ment you can create your own dance rhythem.

Antegrity, Dec 12 2005


       I'm not sure how to take this (perhaps with ecstasy?). Just let the DJs do their job, because this would probably make the larger part of their services invalid.   

       But I like the context of the idea, though. Personally, I've always been quite fascinated by the blockage and reverse there-of of the ears, and the SoundFX then generated.
Honduras, Dec 12 2005

       //I went to an after party the other night and for the first time, (very drunk)// Maybe when the hangover's gone, you may want to revisit the spelling.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 12 2005

Antegrity, Dec 12 2005

       No don't - I rather like the idea of putting your finger in your ear bassically. Persumably this means 'in a way related to the bass'.
moomintroll, Dec 12 2005

       Its the same result, it doesnt cut out sound completely.
Antegrity, Dec 13 2005

       "If your finger's feeling lonely,   

       and you don't know what to do,   

       put your finger in your ear and go "ting-a-ling-a-loo".
skinflaps, Dec 13 2005

       Just had to plus this.   

       Had a lovely picture in head of [Antegrity] dancing to techno in mad, drunken manner with elbows akimbo, plugging and unplugging ears v. fast. Priceless (had to replace mental image of [Antegrity] with one of a techno-loving friend of mine though as don't know what [Antegrity] looks like).
squeak, Dec 16 2005


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