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The Real Lightsabre II

Find range and zap things
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This laser weapon would consist of a powerful laser, a very weak laser, an accelerometer, and a range finder. The weak laser would shine at a slightly oblique angle to the powerful laser. A range finder would measure the range of the thing the lightsabre is pointing at.

Only when the range is less than set the powerful laser would turn on. The powerful laser would shine in millisecond bursts interspaced with the weak one. When the material is cut through the rangefinder will see a longer range then permitted and turn off the powerful laser.

The accelerometer would serve as a second cutoff device; As soon as the angle or position of the 'sabre changes it would cut off the powerful laser and re- check for distance.

Voice, Sep 16 2014


       How will it be possible to fence with a pair of these ?   

       But you will get a bun if the device makes a proper lightsabre "Whummm .... Whummm" noise.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2014

       Nice. Whum whum noise is easy. Accelerometers and speakers. Fencing could be trickier.
RayfordSteele, Sep 16 2014

       Fencing would be fine. You would definitely need to remember where it was, though. You would not be able to see it until you started to cross and it turned on. Maybe the whum whum could turn on a second in advance to give you a chance to jump back.
bungston, Sep 16 2014

       No it wouldn't, you can't parry.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2014


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