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The Shoot Pooper

Shoot your poo out into space
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Shoot pooper. Build a ring that sorounds the Earth that is made up of super strong tethers. Then strap a tether to the ground and graduate it. The weight of one side of the Earth will bring the other side up by pulling to the ground- pulling vehicles forward at an initial speed---this initial thrust is used as an advantage, and boosters can do the rest. You can use a space elevator, but what the heck, the shoot pooper could also be used for geosentric sattelites, rail guns, space colonies, space exploration and solar power... and it's great name

O yea...and shoot all that poo, garbage and radiactive crap out of the atmosphere.

Derang, Apr 13 2004


kbecker, Apr 13 2004

       You really don't want to send sewage into space. It needs to go back into the ecosystem.
Madcat, Apr 13 2004


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