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The ShopSwap Experiment

Trade Grocery Lists With Someone for a Week
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How well do you know a person until you've spent time in their kitchen? There's a million different paradigms for grocery shopping - whether you're a strict vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo, your grocery list might look a lot different from your neighbors', but maybe you could learn a thing or two from one another. Trade shopping lists for a week with someone else on the planet and see what surprises await you when you step outside your normal culinary routine.
Myewze, Mar 18 2012


       Do you get to wear their clothes as well?
xenzag, Mar 18 2012

       This one 'o' them thar 'social experiments', in'nit? Us hill- folk don't take none to hex-perimentin'. [+]
Alterother, Mar 18 2012

       Tagline: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration."   

       Ironic. Post a few examples, Myewze.
reensure, Mar 18 2012

       We did a thing a few months back where you signed up to get a box of groceries - it was designed for allergy detection but the annos turned it into lifestyle or diet experimenting. Can't find it now.
pocmloc, Mar 18 2012


       Trade lists with an Indian immigrant, or Japanese, or Nigerian. Maybe (if the supermarkets' selections are substantial), an international exchange would be possible. (I don't know if there's much Kinderschokolade on the shelf at the market around the corner, but I can't say that I've looked).   

       Trade lists with a diabetic, or someone with Celiac disease, or PKU.   

       Trade lists with vegans. Or vegetarians. Or escatarians. Or Mormons. Or Hasidic Jews.
Myewze, Mar 19 2012

       This really needs to be a web site.
Voice, Mar 19 2012

       A couple of my friends decided to try eating a Celiac diet for a week (out of curiousity or sympathy, I know not). They found it both challenging and enlightening, which is why I immediately bunned this idea.
Alterother, Mar 19 2012

       World peace through kitchen diplomacy.   

       And here I thought it would be something about getting another halfbaker to exchange workshops with, for a fresheyes efficiency improvement.
RayfordSteele, Mar 19 2012

       Whilst it could be a good idea, my shopping lists are usually items that I'm out of, as I keep a well-stocked kitchen. From this you would not be able to tell much, because you are missing the things that I already have. On the other hand, if one was purchasing ALL the items for an entire meal, or an entire week of eating, that might be different. I'll stand here in the line holding my croissant for now.
xandram, Mar 20 2012

       Launch it and they will come [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 20 2012

       So....who wants to help me put it together?
Myewze, Mar 20 2012

       you could ask Noel Edmunds! LOL
po, Mar 20 2012


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