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The Silent Sack

Will you shut up with that bean bag, already?
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Bean bags are great. They're comfortable, easy to move around and store, comfortable, inexpensive and comfortable.

But noisy. It's impossible to watch a movie if someone else in the room is in a bean bag. The deafening rustling will ruin any ambience and obscure all dialogue.

A different filling – something quiet – would remove this detraction. One possibility is some sort of gel-like substance – but the volume of a bean bag is of the order one cubic metre, and one cubic metre of water weighs exactly one ton. Unless the gel holds a lot of air, that won't be much fun.

The other idea is latex powder or beads. This approach also has the major benefit of turning the "bean" bag into the worlds largest stress ball. (Being mildly allergic to the stuff myself, I would want a somewhat stronger–than–usual bag.)

No doubt there are other possibilities, too, which I would welcome; but for now, I'm just going to have to master a ninja-like ability to remain completely still...

Detly, Aug 29 2004

(??) Love Sac http://www.lovesac....ng/view.php?cat=151
Silent and really comfortable. I have one in my office at home. [bristolz, Dec 27 2004]

A not-so-loving sack http://www2.raispor...05188/22-sacked.jpg
[normzone, Dec 28 2004]


       I think I remember reading this some time ago and thinking it was a great idea. Perfect for my Pajama Theater. ;)
Machiavelli, Dec 24 2004

       Well the Love Sac is a little old place where we can get together,
Love Sac baby,
Love Sac bay-bee.
bristolz, Dec 24 2004

       jelly beans? might be tempting to eat them though!
po, Dec 24 2004

       (psst... *cubic* meter, not *square* meter)
5th Earth, Dec 25 2004

       Cheers [5th].
Detly, Dec 28 2004

       A cubic meter of water is 1000 kg?   

       Oh yeah...that's why I learned those density equations. Heehee.
shapu, Dec 28 2004


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