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motorised beanbag

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a large conventional beanbag that contains a *creaking, sinister sounding mechanism that will slowly revolve the beanbag and move it across the floor in a completely random way. a little practise is required to keep on top of this perambulating yet comfy gargantuan device. the little beads will rush and tumble like a monster marshmallow rainstick.

complicated body movements are necessary to make the beanbag veer in any required direction and some training may be required, for the rider to be familiar with the best way to lean, to achieve this (which may or may not be the most obvious – a knowledge of motorcycling may actually be a disadvantage).

the idea really is to aid those helpless/hapless victims caught up in a beanbag who don’t want to go to all the trouble of struggling to extricate themselves just to retrieve the remote or answer the phone or fetch a drink etc.

some unfortunate sitters may suffer motion sickness and it is advisable that a handy bucket is available and remember not to throw up into the wind (that is, if you get gale force winds in your sitting room – well, you just might have taken the bag out into the garden on a nice sunny day and by law, we need to point these things out to consumers. oh, yes and make sure that the budgie, hamster and other small pets are out of harms way)

*hey, its my idea, I just envision it this way.

po, Apr 16 2006

Robotic Chair http://www.mae.corn...ctiveDynamicArt.htm
Right, I'm not quite sure "why" you'd want a chair that does this, but... [Dub, Apr 22 2006]


       This creaking, sinister sounding bean bag does move on it's own, right? You can watch it from across the room while it freaks out the dog? Definite bun for that +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 16 2006

       The slightly more fun version:
Mexican jumping bean bag
Jinbish, Apr 16 2006

       + you got me with //monster marshmallow rainstick// ...nice analogy!
xandram, Apr 17 2006

       I see some sort of Segway control system that follows your body movements, allied with a system for spilling and recovering the little polystyrene beads to act as a rolling cushion - yes, this could work!
egbert, Apr 17 2006

       thing is - this thing has a mind of its own. think alice in wonderland...
po, Apr 17 2006

       I'm not a teacher. I threw in the 2 I's for you. 3.
po, Apr 18 2006

       //Your idea is undercapitalised.//   

       Wait a minute. Are you saying that the only reason that po's idea doesn't exist is due to a lack of funding? Why didn't you say something, po? Come on everyone- send whatever you can to po to get this idea off the ground! Thanks, [UnaBubba] for letting us know what po was too proud to tell.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 18 2006

       I have a po address you can send your cheques to. :)
po, Apr 18 2006

       I know you are, but you know you like it. And that's all we need to know. No?
methinksnot, Apr 18 2006

       hey you two - get off my bean bag, you're tilting it all wrong...
po, Apr 20 2006

       Purple ones should be situated in doctor's waiting rooms.
Dub, Apr 22 2006


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