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The Snoozer

It's never to late to call
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The device: The Snoozer phone device would silence home phone calls during specified periods of time i.e. a nap, dinner, or nighttime. Meanwhile, callers would be forwarded to an automated voice system prompting the option of either using “emergency call through” with a privacy pin number or leaving a voice message. The device would initially be available as adjunct “house” unit which would feed into each phone line. The result: No unwanted calls, including telemarketing calls, during any given time period with the peace of mind that one may still reach you in case of emergency. Options: Curfew setting: 11pm-7am for example--so you don't have to reset the Snoozer every day. Integration with Caller ID could provide a host of opportunites as to which numbers are allowed to "ring through" at any time. However, more options=more cost. The unit as is would be fairly inexpensive.
nupe, Nov 25 2003


       I'd buy it. (Especially having discovered that the telemarketer don't-call does not deter, and possibly encourages, not-for-profits, not does it prevent wrong numbers in the mdidle of the night.)
DrCurry, Nov 25 2003


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