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vibrating thing on the floor to make your slippers fluffy

a low shoe-box-surface sized, round platform sitting under your desk for you to put your slippers on it
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picture the ultimate slippers maintainance device :: one that you place on the floor, under your desk, and which starts vibrating when you take off your slippers and put them on it. during the movement of the slippers, the fibers of whatever material your slippers are made of will go back to their natural position, so that when you put them back on, they feel fluffy again, like when you first tried them on. Furthermore, the little vibrating thing will be equiped with a thick, soft, rigid,(and I almost forgot vibrating) band surrounding the device and going down to the floor (the level of the slippers is about 3 cm. high) under a specific angle. That's made so that you can rest your toes on it, and/or give them a vibrating touch. Ofcourse, you are not to rest your feet (!!) on it.

At last, I gave it a lighting sistem which generates a red/infrared-light surface 1mm high above the floor, all around, so it lights the floor and your feet up, and also, by heating your feet a little, takes care they won't get cold without the slippers on. of course, the lighting sistem does a lot of other useful things, like killing the germs on the floor, or reminding you where your slippers are, or help you spot objects under the desk...

oh, and it only works when you put your slippers on it.

sweet, Oct 28 2003


k_sra, Oct 30 2003

       most of us have warm slippers and fluffy feet.
po, Oct 30 2003

       But why can't I put my feet on it? Mmmmm foot massage...
RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2003

       Makes me want to buy slippers (+)
silverstormer, Oct 30 2003

       //the fibers of whatever material your slippers are made of will go back to their natural position//   

       On a cotton bush? How will they find their way?   

       Seriously though, how will that work? Would a mini tumble-dryer not be better? Everything's fluffy when it has just come out of the dryer. Even the cat.
squeak, Oct 31 2003

       [rayford] :: I have allready told you. you can only put your toes on it if you want a massage. this device is NOT 4 your feet !!! actually,, int kindda` helps your feet too, but they (your feet) have more benefit if you leave just the slippers on top
sweet, Oct 31 2003

       [squeak]!! you can't place a dryer under your desk now... can you ? and by the way, dryers also take off much of the fibres; eventually your slippers will be rather worn out, and have nothing left to be fluffy...
sweet, Oct 31 2003

       Is it a UV light they use at the barbershop to sterilize their instruments? You could use that and your slippers would never ever ever smell bad. Ever.
stringstretcher, Nov 01 2003

       //never ever ever smell bad//   

       Not ever?
k_sra, Nov 01 2003

       How about a static electricity generator? It makes Hair super double plus fluffy, doesn't it?
mr2560, Nov 02 2003

       // static elecricity generator // interesting idea. though, it wouldn't do... first of all, i don't realize how you would like to charge the fibers. secondly, the charger is quite hazardous and unpleasant to be used; it could either cause you an electric shock, either have the slippers that charged you would never want to put them on for the rest of your life. that's just silly...
sweet, Nov 06 2003

       If the machine were incapable of distinguishing between my cat and my slippers (both are furry, fluffy and more than a little stinky at times) then I could use this to restore his fluffiness too. I don't think he'd appreciate being electrocuted but a gentle vibration might be quite refreshing. +
dobtabulous, Nov 07 2003


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