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The Troll Show

Trolls not welcome; but doesn't mean not liked
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Sometimes a skillful troll can be a pleasure to read. There is certainly a certain art to trolling; in fact people who are trolls online would probably be really popular comedians offline if they tried their hand.

The problem with trolls is that you can have too much of them very very quickly. Trolls can disrupt a community and generally annoy people. Note I refer to trolls, not spammers.

For this reason, I propose a 'Troll Show' in which a troll association announces to an opt-in mailing list where trolling matches will take place. In a league-like structure, the trolls will obtain accounts and troll on a given day in head-to-head combat.

Points will be awarded for creating participation by the (unwilling) host community, skillful rebuttals and general humour value. Points will be lost for poor grammar, punctuation or being vulgar.

Troll-show followers will be welcome to participate should they wish to do so; but the main aim is for them to enjoy watching the trolls disrupt 'The Norwich Garden Club' with posts about how they throw slugs into neighbouring patches and the like.

Highly moderated forums would be reserved for quarter finals, semi finals and finals in which narrowly avoiding being banned is a source of extra points; and in the case of a draw, the account which remained unbanned the longest will win.

A Troll-Show advertisement could read something like:
Troll-Show! Live on the 28th November at the HalfBakery. Featuring former All-England champion stevem pitted against the fiery newcomer alainyin. Kick off 12:45 GMT, judges fredb and allyally

vincevincevince, Nov 27 2007

Fighting Talk http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Fighting_Talk
BBC radio show in a similar vein. [DrBob, Nov 27 2007]

The Dope Show http://www.youtube....watch?v=FFiuPnWBM80
I hope this clears up my obscure reference. It's trash, by the way. [daseva, Nov 29 2007]


       We are all stars now...   

       Thanks for avoiding the Marylin Manson mock up.
daseva, Nov 27 2007

       //Marylin Manson mock up// not a clue what that refers to
vincevincevince, Nov 28 2007


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