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A Users draw how they would like to see existing software
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Rather than ranting about how 7zip interface sucks, somebody opens a a call for "7zip" suggestions.

A place to upload existing screenshots, or use some cool templates (full screen, small themed user interface, etc)

Of course you could write text only, as well.

In any case, users vote. If the company takes someone's design, people could offer to be hired for graphics, or, just as important could donate graphics for open source projects with terrible UI.

pashute, Aug 05 2012

Moovia workspace for this idea https://www.moovia....012b775579.09802141
[pashute, Aug 07 2012]


       OK, I created a Moovia workspace for this. Anybody care to join? I'll point to it on link
pashute, Aug 07 2012


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