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The Undo Lane

A long conveyor belt going in the opposite direction of traffic
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Ever miss your exit on the highway? Do you sometimes wish that you could back up or perhaps you are in a situation where taking the next exit is not an option?

No problem- Now there is a lane on the highway for the purpose of indefinate backing up without the danger of collision into other cars. As soon as you miss your exit just go to the Undo Lane™ and you will be gently transported back as far as 2 miles. You can safely merge back into traffic and then find your exit.

Jscotty, Nov 22 2006


       Not necessary. <rant on> Just hold your cell phone to your ear and take your FUV from the fast lane across four lanes to the exit in .5 seconds.<rant off>   

       OK, but if you're going to do one of these please get started now. My daily commute looks like Lebanon right now and will for the next few years as they widen the once state-of-the-art highway, yet again.
normzone, Nov 22 2006


       I dunno. There's going to be some problems getting a car with moving wheels onto a conveyor belt without loosing control of the vehicle... and that's one lane worth of space less that we can use for actual traffic anyway...   

       If you're going to take out a lane going both ways just for people who make mistakes this doesn't sound like such a good idea. A metrolink might be a better way to ease the traffic problem, although it won't do much for me when I screw up the directions yet again.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 22 2006

       Reminds me of New Jersey, where many of the roads have "missed your exit" U-turn lanes.
DrCurry, Nov 22 2006

       //Reminds me of New Jersey, where many of the roads have "missed your exit" U-turn lanes.//   

       If most of the traffic on an I-road (US version of a motorway) interchange will be going to or coming from the same destination (e.g. someplace to the south), it may in some cases make sense to have a ramp that goes from the northbound lane to the crossroad, a ramp from the crossroad to the southbound lane, and, south of the crossroad, a turnaround that goes from the southbound lane to the northbound lane.   

       Haven't seen that done a whole lot around Chicago, though. Instead they just make things impossible for traffic to/from places north.
supercat, Nov 22 2006

       This sounds really cost effective. It would only take about 99 billion dollars and 22 years of work to make the interstates Undo friendly.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 22 2006

       The designated U-turn only lane under the next over-pass are very nice. (In more rural areas, there are crossover lanes that go straight across the nuetral ground.) I don't know how many places don't have this, but once you get used to them, you miss them when they're not there.
I think FUV stands for F'n Utility Vehicle.
Zimmy, Nov 22 2006


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