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The Unreclosable Suitcase

Annoy the TSA for fun and profit!
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Boy, that TSA sure does love to poke its nose into your luggage! Get 'em every time with our latest gag: The Unrecloseable Suitcase!

It looks just like a normal suitcase, except it comes with a built-in memory foam mattress, encased in an airtight plastic bag. The foam is extremely low density, so it rapidly expands to many times its size when exposed to air.

To close the suitcase, simply close the valve on the bag, then attach a vacuum cleaner to the suction port on the suitcase. As the air is sucked out, the mattress shrinks to an easily foldable size. Simply tuck it inside the case, ensuring that the bag valve is placed into the valve port on the suitcase.

Close the suitcase up, and open the bag valve (both the valve and the vacuum port can be locked once they are primed to prevent spoiling the fun). The next person to open the suitcase will be in for… quite a surprise.

Combine this with our Suitcase-cam and you'll be Internet Famous in no time!

ytk, Jan 12 2013

Suitcase-cam For all your YouTube related needs [ytk, Jan 12 2013]

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       Sadly, I doubt it would bother them much. They would have to care to get bothered.
Kansan101, Jan 12 2013

       They would probably sleep on the damn thing.   

       A simple version could be your actual suitcase that unlocks itself 1/2 second after being locked. This gives the TSA hope, but never success.
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013

       //They would have to care to get bothered.//   

       True, but they still have to /deal/ with it.
ytk, Jan 12 2013

       After the third try (to close) it could light on fire.
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013

       This becomes the point where they simply hand it back to you to deal with, and you get to take a cab to your destination.
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2013


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