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Have sealed luggage, with a pump, to aid packing efficiency
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So, when I travel, I take those huge zip loc bags with the valve in that you can pack a lot of clothes into then kneel on to squish the air out. I take two, one full of clean clothes and one empty that slowly fills with dirty clothes as the trip progresses. I recommend this. However, it would be even cooler if the suitcase itself could perform the same task.

So, have a suitcase with an air-tight zip-up opening. Then, when you've packed it, you can close it up and pump out the air. I haven't decided if the pump should utilize the telescopic handle, or if a wheel-driven device would be better, them's details though.

The case would be as small as it possibly could be, it would be more secure, because it would be obvious if it had been opened. As an added bonus, this will really annoy the TSA, which has to be a good thing.

bs0u0155, Jun 23 2013


       I don't see why this is better than the vacuum bags.   

       Maybe I am missing something. You're packing, and you squeeze all your clothes into the relevant compartments, yes? Then you close the case and pump out the air. And what? The case gets smaller?   

       And if it has an inbuilt pump (what about the weight?), why is more secure? If it were opened, the opener would just repeat the vacuuming process and leave it as it was before, no?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2013

       Presumably the vacuum is so high the tamperer is pulled bodily into the case by rush of air. Not much of a call for freeze-dried TSA officials jerky.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 23 2013

       With the use of concertina-style sides, the WHOLE case would get smaller, as it is I cram my clothing down and then the bags kind of rattle around inside the standard case. I like the fact that it would make everything super snug.   

       As for theft, I'm thinking more about the fact that casually slipping a laptop out whatever would be a bit more difficult, it'd be hard to do it discreetly.
bs0u0155, Jun 23 2013

       //        I don't see why this is better than the vacuum bags.    //   

       I think the advantage lies in making the luggage itself smaller yet having a high capacity, and in doing away with the individual packaged in favor of a single-piece system.   

       Taking the concertina-style sides a step further, if the case was constructed of semi-articulated hard plates connected by flexible membranes, it would collapse and lock into a uniform and resilient shape once vacuumed out. The pump itself could be built right into the casing and operated by a fold-out foot pedal.
Alterother, Jun 23 2013

       //as it is I cram my clothing down and then the bags kind of rattle around inside the standard case.//   

       Have you considered buying a smaller case? And, for that matter, why are you compacting your clothes in order to fit them into a too-large case?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2013

       //operated by a fold-out foot pedal//   

       No, the telescopic handle already looks and functions quite a lot like a bike pump, just add a function to that.   

       //Have you considered buying a smaller case?//   

       Well, I tend to have asymmetric loads. Usually pretty empty one way and full of McVitties caramel chocolate digestives the other.
bs0u0155, Jun 24 2013

       I recently went on a trip to see relatives in Nigeria. A distant relative who was evidently an heir to a vast fortune.   

       Anyway, I found that, not wanting to pay excess luggage fees, my biggest limitation was in the weight, not the volume of luggage. I had the biggest cases I could bring without a fine, and when I filled them, they were a little over weight. I had to take stuff out.   

       Vacuum packing would allow me to bring slightly smaller cases, but that would only really help in getting the luggage in and out of my kidnappers cars. The airlines don't mind.
Kansan101, Jun 24 2013

       But you could boobytrap your vacuum luggage: kidnapper opens case, enormous vacuum sucks him in, you slam the case shut, job done and jam for tea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2013

       That's crazy talk.
Kansan101, Jun 24 2013

       I love this! Bun. And to answer some detractors: //I don't see why this is better than the vacuum bags. // because vacuum bags shrink evenly from their soft expanded form to their hardened shrunken form, thus generally pulling away from the edges of outer bag, wasting space.   

       What I want is just a modified airtight hardcase with a bellows near the zipper/closure, so that I could just put all the clothes in, close it up then pump or just push all the air out by sitting on it.
MisterQED, Jun 24 2013

       Surely sucking the air out would reduce the weight of the case, thus taking you just below the permitted weight allowance?   

       If it doesn't reduce the weight enough, just suck a bit more out.
pocmloc, Jun 24 2013

       I knew this was about a better mouse trap.
pashute, Jun 24 2013

       If you're careless enough to put anything in, I guess it won't matter if it becomes melange compress. [+]
4and20, Jun 25 2013


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