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Smeg Suitcase

suitcase that doubles up as a fridge
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Smeg make nice fridges. (I've got one.) They should therefore be equally capable of making a nicely designed suitcase, using most of the same manufacturing processes that are deployed for the fridges.

The difference between Smeg and the usual makers of suitcases, is that Smeg can install a light-weight refrigerator unit in their cases, doubling their functionality.

This means that holiday makers and other travellers can independently keep drinks and various food items cool, after they have unpacked their clothes etc

xenzag, Nov 26 2011

Koolatron http://www.koolatron.com/store.html
There exist refrigerators that have about the same interior volume of a suitcase, without being the same shape as a suitcase. [Vernon, Nov 26 2011]


       Perhaps they could team up with the Swedish luggage manufacturer Føreskjin.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2011

       would only smegheads carry them?
po, Nov 26 2011

       You could power it using a Wankel engine.
pocmloc, Nov 26 2011

       You could keep smelly cheese in it.   

       BTW [MB] - that Swedish luggage is really clever, if you rub it, it expands and turns into trunk.
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 26 2011


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