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The Venetian Tie

tie with variable pattern and means of adjustment
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The Ventetian Tie derives its name from the larger window shading version, except it is long and narrow, and the slats are made of much lighter material.

Like the venetian blind, it consists of a length of hanging, horizontal slats. These can be adjusted and feathered using a small plastic control knob that is located under the shirt's collar, which compliments the tie.

Have it showing a sober grey with blue stripes in the morning for work, then feather it the other way to reveal some mad array of colour later in the evening.

On a particularly hot day, the slats can be made to vent a fraction more air, by turning them parallel or even pulling them all the way up, just like a blind.

I don't own any ties, but I am considering making one of these to wear for my next job interview.

xenzag, Jan 29 2007

Venetian blind tie rack http://www.patentst...atents/6006963.html
Somewhere to hang it. [skinflaps, Jan 29 2007]


       Recently a form of woven electroluminescent cloth has been invented that permits video displays. That way one necktie could have infinite patterns or even animated patterns.
JSand, Jan 30 2007

       Like the concept, but how would the slats cope with being tied into a knot? Or are you looking at a (gasp!) clip-on?
Defiler, Jan 30 2007

       "....the shirt's collar that compliments the tie" - there is no knot - the shirt has a pelmet at the front, unto which the tie is attached by means of two wing nuts
xenzag, Jan 31 2007

       Will this tie work in conjunction with a tie tack? My dad's an engineer, and he'd love all the moving parts, but he always uses tie tacks.   

       I suppose if you could make the knob into a faux tie tack, the matter might be resolved that way...
ye_river_xiv, Feb 02 2007

       I had fun morphing the name:
"The Venetian Tie"
"The Italian Connection"
"The Latin Link"

       Yeah, I know. I'm easily pleased. I guess my cockney blood might be at fault.
Ling, Feb 02 2007

       I was imagining a plastic tie with a see-through front, that you could add varying amounts of water to.   

       But this is much better [+]
zen_tom, Feb 02 2007

       Absolutely awesome! I would definitely wear one of these, if I had a job.   

       "...which compliments the tie." - well, it is a very nice tie... (sp. "complements")
hippo, Feb 05 2007


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