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'Watch my rage' Tie

Tie changes colour according to how angry you are!
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My dad always wore a red tie whenever he was unusually angry. The problem was, whenever he got happier, he was still wearing his red angry tie. I propose a 'Watch my rage tie' that gets progresively red according to your stress levels.

[Just hope you don't spill the ketchup]

[ sctld ], Nov 07 2000

hulkified wardrobe hulkified_20wardrobe
[etherman, Mar 30 2005]


       I would call this type of thing a "mood tie". Goes well with the mood lip gloss.   

       What I would really like to watch is a cross between a sweater that was a plot point in one of the Rudy Rucker novels (wetware?) and this tie - measure the wearer's pulse, and display it as expanding colored ripples from the throat downwards. If each ripple ring has constant width, faster/slower pulse results in a color change.   

       [The Rucker sweater displayed the wearer's heart beats. How this might turn into a plot point is left as an exercise to the reader.]
jutta, Nov 07 2000

       Yes then you could avoid the businessman rage thatI have expirienced way too many times, those breifcases sting like a motha.
beancrock, Nov 08 2000

       Speaking from the professional world, a "mood-tie" would be good for men, but we have to come up with something for the women as well. This world is annoying fake (worse than the movies), and I think it would be totally stellar to cut through the B.S. beause the tie would tell all. Of course, this presumes mood apparel becomes mandatory. My question is would the tie register arousal? Because it would be great for THAT truth to come out in the work place as well.
Vecini, Dec 07 2000

       Jutta, you admit to having read the "ware" series? What a horrible cluster of novels!   

       Neat ideas mind you, Rucker's a walking halfbakery all on his own, but the characterization is something out of an Italian "horse opera" western...   

       Oh, wait, this is the wrong idea for country references, isn't it?
bear, Jan 14 2001

       [bear, If you think Rucker's characters are cardboard, I dare you to get through Marvin Minsky's cooperative foray into fiction. You'll come back begging forgiveness like the lonely narrator of a Johnny Cash song...   

       For invention-rich stories visibly not written by a computer science professor, I enjoyed reading Jeff Noon's collection of short stories "Pixel Juice".]
jutta, Jan 14 2001

       What does a blue tie stand for?
dentworth, Mar 28 2005

       What if you're angry at not being able to find your tie?
Basepair, Mar 28 2005

       More to the point, what if you're angry AT your tie?
shapu, Mar 29 2005

       When the tie reaches boiling point just pull the rip cord. <link>
etherman, Mar 30 2005


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