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The Viral Voice of a America

Retargeting tech for retargeting minds
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If you are unaware of what retargeting is, try this little experiment: browse a few major brand online retailers, then visit Facebook and watch your news feed populate with promoted posts from same.

A lot has been said about modern media amplifying political differences, creating echo chambers, be it Fox or Msnbc or your social media newsfeed.

At the same time, many, including most recently the President in his speech, seem to be implying that social media companies could censor speech, or be more cooperative with government, a chilling notion.

But what social networks can do, in a completely constitutional, anonimized way, is feed you opposite opinions and points of view.

This is where you say TC, widely known to exist, the internet is for porn and arguing with strangers. I'm suggesting something different, the deliberate algorithmic targeting of content that forces you to reexamine your thinking

theircompetitor, Dec 07 2015

Use cookies to make websites look better Use_20cookies_20to_...tes_20look_20better
Or you can manipulate this ad-targetting to ensure that everywhere you go on the internet you are shown ads for expensive lingerie [hippo, Dec 08 2015]

Google has some thoughts on the matter http://qz.com/56858...et-for-hate-speech/
[theircompetitor, Dec 09 2015]

this appears to be happening http://www.wired.co...talk-trending-news/
[theircompetitor, May 13 2016]


       I had this very same thought awhile ago when I was developing the politically-indoctrinating toy concept.
RayfordSteele, Dec 07 2015

       Once again I am delighted that I don't use Facebook.
Voice, Dec 07 2015

       This is a childish idea and I refuse even to read it.
Toto Anders, Dec 07 2015

       Calum sorry accidental delete. Thought about your point, though, wouldn't that still be useful, though, if they were driven from social media?
theircompetitor, Dec 07 2015

       What [Voice] said.
FlyingToaster, Dec 07 2015

       Not from the point of view of the operators of the social media platform, tc.
calum, Dec 07 2015

       I'm with Toto. But because of that, not sure what this is about. Can someone summarize; I admit to some prurient interest.
bungston, Dec 07 2015

       //the internet is for porn and arguing with strangers//   

       Please, please, please [marked for tagline]
doctorremulac3, Dec 07 2015

       What is the incentive for the social networks? I feel like intentionally showing people things they disagree with is not a great engagement strategy.
tatterdemalion, Dec 07 2015

       well, Zuck just said he wants to spend $50B to make the world a better place. Good place to get started.
theircompetitor, Dec 07 2015

       Have you _seen_ Facebook comment sections? They are bad enough as it is.
tatterdemalion, Dec 07 2015

       //the internet is for porn and arguing with strangers//

Did you mean "the internet is for porn and arguing, with strangers" or "the internet is for porn, and arguing with strangers"?
hippo, Dec 08 2015

       Both hippo and, hippo
theircompetitor, Dec 08 2015

       I have come to like this idea because of the prospect of spluttering indignation produced by feeding people advertisements and link that you know are diametrically opposed to their true interests nad opinions.
bungston, May 14 2016


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