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The Walker (TM)

An expansion of the glasses walk away during the night theory
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A lot of people I know seem to have found that they put their glasses in a safe place, then the next morning they are on the floor, on the couch or somewhere where they can be trodden on, sat on or where the puppy can have a little munch on.

The idea for this is a sort of glasses case, though not a complete case, which has little legs. A transmitter or minute GPS device is attached to the glasses, and a receiver is on the 'Walker', so that when glasses are somewhere where they shouldn't be - such as on the floor - the Walker goes to them, picks them up and delivers them to a pre-programmed spot. This spot should be somewhere where you will obviously see them, such as near the toaster, next to the toothpaste in the bathroom, something like that. Or you could have several places if you have a large house and you don't want your Walker to run out while halfway up the stairs. Once it delivers them, the Walker just switches into standby mode of puts itself into its dock to recharge.

Next up: Lemming Walkers, where once or twice a year your Walker will find the highest point in the house and jump from it for no apparent reason!

froglet, Apr 14 2006


       Does it rip your glasses off your face if you are napping on the couch?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 14 2006

       The walkers sound cute. I'd buy cheap joke-store specs or $2 sunglasses and throw them around the house just to watch the walkers scuttle about. And to see if a walker halfway between two pairs of specs suffers from Buridan's Ass syndrome. :-)   

       But can GPS tell the difference between 'on the couch' and 'safely on the table just beside the couch'?
imaginality, Apr 14 2006


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