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The Zapper

Protect your ID
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Identity theft is a big concern, especially, from ATM machines. Thus a device placed underneath the keypad of the ATM will help stop theft of your ID.

When you swipe your ATM card in the sanner the keypad device will activate once it knows your pin number. If the person who swipes your card punches the wrong number...ZAP! They get shocked, then the shocking gets worse and more painful after the more incorrect digits are punched in.

Seadro220, Jun 30 2005


       Why would anyone even attempt to use the wrong PIN with an ATM card?
bristolz, Jun 30 2005

       And keep punching in more digits after the first shock?   

       Somebody must have built up quite a tolerance during electroshock therapy. Still, it's nice that they can almost operate a keyboard.
baconbrain, Jun 30 2005

       Use a pencil to punch the numbers?
bungston, Jun 30 2005

       [bungston] you evil genius! They'll be watching you now...
zen_tom, Jun 30 2005

       This might work to stop the crazy thieves out there that steal credit cards without knowing the PIN... Any fraudster that actually takes a look at someone's number before committing the theft will presumably make money AND get away shock-free.
Sludden, Feb 12 2006


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