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Tongue-based RFID

Convenient when you need it, safe when you don't
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Nowadays many of our credit cards come with RFID chips embedded within them, and although this creates a convenience, it lacks security. Your credit cards could be skimmed by a passer-by or your cards simply stolen! Why put up with it any longer?

My innovation will allow RFID to become the standard of payment amongst retailers and salesman.

I started thinking about where you could keep an RFID tag where nobody could notice it, and I realized that the tongue is a perfect place! It's hidden when you've got your mouth shut, and one of the harder appendages for thieves to remove! So an RFID tag is implanted within your tongue.

Ah, but this is no regular RFID tag! It requires a special activation method: close contact with a magnet (about 1mm). Retail locations need only to place a magnet onto their RFID readers, and watch the money roll in as customers lick the magnet to make their payment! If the first try is unsuccessful, encourage your customers to "lick again" or "lick harder".

Noticing the tongue can be a more versatile tool in the door-to-door salesman community, an RFID reader can also be implanted into one's tongue, for sales on the road. Once a price is negotiated for goods or services, buyer and seller need only embrace tongues to complete transactions. If the first try is unsuccessful, encourage your customers to "lick again" or "try a different tongue technique".

With these new discreetly placed and secure RFID tags and readers, we will elevate our hopes in humanity as we becomes a society that embraces openness and encourages that old adage "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again".

twitch, Sep 18 2010


       Invented by the french?   

       I suppose the french would be more open to this idea, although any culture sharing the "free love" is invited to join.
twitch, Sep 19 2010

       //one of the harder appendages for thieves to remove!//   


       All you've got to do is make them stick out thier tongue, and then kick/palm-strike them in the jaw.   

       Try using the victims’ own anatomy to remove any other appendage and you will be in for a long day.
MikeD, Sep 19 2010

       Would it interfere with the radio reception from my braces?
RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2010

       /...Would it interfere with the radio reception from my braces?.../ probably not, but just in case, check your orthodontist for any offers for free bumpers to help out with reception. (yes, that was a cheesy iPhone 4 joke).
twitch, Sep 19 2010

       funny, but so disturbing it put me off my croissant. And especially [-] because I live in Africa and do not want any form of security that I cannot hand painlessly over to thieves if sufficiently motivated (thieves here are particularly skilled in motivating techniques)
jamobaker, Sep 20 2010

       um yeah.. this idea, I admit, is kind of whacked, and so I thought it appropriate for HB.
twitch, Sep 20 2010


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