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White Elephantogram

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White elephants were, supposedly, given by Thai kings to people whom they disliked. Unable to decline or dispose of the albino pachyderm, the recipient would be faced with the burdensome upkeep of the animal.

In East Anglia today, it is surprisingly difficult to obtain a white elephant and have it delivered. Clearly, this is a problem looking for a solution.

Worry no more, would-be givers of white elephants. Simply contact MaxCo. to arrange a White Elephantogram, specifying the address of the recipent and a short message. At some time between 2 and 5am, the Elephantogram lorry will pull up - quietly - outside the recipient's residence. A larger-than-life gonflable pachyderm will be deftly unpacked, and its trunk will be connected to the polyurethane foam tank. Within moments, a fully-formed polyurethane-filled white elephant will be standing on the lawn - fireproof, crushproof and immense. After disconnecting from the foam tank, the trunk will be adorned with a greeting card bearing your message.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 29 2017

similar to having someone's yard flocked with flamingos https://www.google......8.0.0.sin0uZ6_4L8
[xandram, Jul 30 2017]


       From the title I was thinking; a monochromatic everybody-love-everybody visual illusion thing, but then I clued in, and I thought; what did the Thai kings use to do with the black elephants?..   

       Train them as ninjas ?   

       White - or rather, albino - elephants are rare, and cannot work because in the tropical sun they quicky develop severe sunburn. Without human intervention, they would not survive beyond infancy. They have to be kept under cover, and since they cannot forage, food has to be brought to them.   

       In Western societies, the large buildings which house pudgy, thick-skinned bloated useless creatures that do nothing but eat big dinners and leave crap everywhere are usually called "congress" or "parliament".
8th of 7, Jul 29 2017

       Carving out the insides, would make a lovely playhouse. Just don't make the entry at the rear.
wjt, Jul 30 2017

       Ha - funny. I was just reading up on iso-foam insulation and had considered using it to inflate giant Trump heads for similar purpose. [+]
xenzag, Jul 30 2017


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