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The "Ring-Ring" hands-free

..em..non-hands-free mobile phone kit.
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I’ve noticed that although people own a mobile phone with a hands free kit they still like to show the fact that they are speaking on the phone. This is obviously to prove that they are speaking on the phone and not completely mad and talking to themselves. You will either see a person with an earphone holding the miniature microphone as proof. Or in the case of one of those ludicrous ear mounted monstrosities, actually holding the phone in full view.

My idea is for a ring that acts as a microphone worn on your little finger and a ring worn on your thumb that provides the loudspeaker. Anyone making a call will therefore appear to be on an imaginary mimed phone, making a clear statement that they are not a looney!

Obviously the rings worn on your fingers will be connected to your phone via blue tooth, voice recognition dialing etc. In addition the rings could come in various styles, colours or be adorned with jewels to provide a fashion statement. For the adventurous a nose ring microphone could be adapted and an earring loudspeaker with a call-in-progress flashing LED.

SrTronosco, Sep 02 2006

Just to keep my grip from cramping http://www1.istockp...ephone_receiver.jpg
[normzone, Sep 02 2006]

The "Ring-Ring" call in progress http://www.geocitie...es/sign/telefon.jpg
(NB:Thumb and Pinky Ring omitted for clarity) [SrTronosco, Sep 03 2006]

Blamix crowdfunding scam used this idea http://www.eevblog....ed-projects/t39829/
unfortunately, I neglected to archive most of the relevant pages, so only the "lo-fi mirror" link works [notexactly, Jun 13 2015]


       Using a hands free kit while your hands are free is plain lazy. I laugh at those people.   

       [+] Amusing idea though. :)
kuupuuluu, Sep 02 2006

       Agreed. The "Ring-Ring" does have some additional advantages though over using the phone in the traditional way. A "quick draw action" - no more rummaging in pockets, searching through bags etc.
SrTronosco, Sep 02 2006

       I'll buy one. But being to lazy to extend forefinger and pinky, I'll probably just hold my fist up next to my face. Maybe I should have something to hold in my hand, while I'm doing this. Let's see if I can find a link.
normzone, Sep 02 2006

       Does that come with a bakelite desktop stand?
SrTronosco, Sep 02 2006

       Ok folks i've not really thought through the miniaturisation issues, power requirement etc. Maybe first prototype could be a fingerless type glove with attached "ring-ring". This glove could house all the neccesary battery and bluetooth gizmos. Not ideal but would look quite fashionable, in a retro 80's kind of way?
SrTronosco, Sep 03 2006

       How about adding a glove for my left hand with the keypad in the palm.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 03 2006

       or maybe have the earpiece lodged in your ear, and just the little ring on your pinkie finger, so when you're talking you'll look like you're doing the Dr. Evil '1,000,000 dollars' repetoire.
shinobi, Sep 04 2006

       Instead of the glove, how about having the ring attached to a bracelet that would hold all the necessary batteries and such. The cord/cable attaching ring to wrist could also be decorative.
37PiecesOf Flair, Sep 04 2006

       Untill nanotechnology arrives I reckon the bracelet is a winner. This could also incorporate a keypad etc. For the adventurous "nose ring microphone" option I'm a bit stumped as to where to house the battery?
SrTronosco, Sep 19 2006

       Just do what a three year old would do and stuff it up your nose.   

       BTW- I would so buy this, I love the image of people thinking I'm constantly pretending to talk on the phone when I really am.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 19 2006

       Great idea for the 'nose ring'; an AAA battery pack up the nose. Em....sorry a lame reply to bump up my idea....bun anyone?
SrTronosco, Sep 30 2006

       I like it, you could pick up any random object around when you get a call like a stick or a banana just to see peoples reaction. [SrTronosco] No new technology is needed in ear hearing aids have everything but the blue tooth and I think something could be made small enough to transmit to your phone in your pocket.+
pydor, Sep 30 2006

       Genius, really.
paix120, Apr 07 2009

       Just for the sake of a bump! The leaps in technology since my first post must mean that the the "Ring-Ring" is closer to reality. I also note that motion control is big these days what with the Wii and iphone. I would like to incorporate some of this functionality into the "ring ring" - a downward thrust of the hand to hang up, a shake to increase volume, a raised middle finger to reject call etc. Bun anyone?
SrTronosco, May 25 2009

       I am not sure about the loudspeaker, but the technology for a microphone-ring is already there - using RFIDesque remote powering by microwave a microphone on a ring could pickup sound and relay it to a nearby cellphone.   

       I vote for index-finger on ear and pinky in front of the mouth, though. Using the thumb would force you hand into a quite strained position.
loonquawl, May 25 2009

       Excellent, microphone sorted. Whilst we await the leap into nano technology, may I suggest an interim design wherby an earpiece is activated by bringing the "earpiece ring" into close proximity to the earphone. This may pose a problem with misdialling when scrathing ear for example but a voice activated ear scratching phone lock would suffice....
SrTronosco, May 25 2009

       [21 quest] awesome link. I may see one of those in my future.
Klaatu, Feb 12 2013

       21 Quest - Nearly 7 years and one step nearer the dream. A few more Viennoiserie, anyone?
SrTronosco, Mar 23 2013


       Anyway, what did you do with the first 18 buns?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2013

       It's getting baked....nearly there....I can predict the future! You type "bluetooth glove" into your search engine and it is teasing me. Closer, just design out the glove bit....reckon this time next year we will have the fingerless glove version.
SrTronosco, Jun 01 2015

       Interesting point made by Ian. The acceptance kind of renders this idea obsolete. Must admit that now if i see someone talking to themself i think either they are having a hard time mentally or mobile phone in use. Warning...poor analogy coming up...my idea is a bit like developing an automated red flag waver for the first road car but only to find everyone eventually adjusts to the idea that you don't need to bother. Thinking the requirement for flag waving was ludicrous in the first place. A bun to ease the pain of realisation anyone? PS. The Blamix scam sounds less than half baked - they need to get real...fingerless glove to hide all the 2015 electronics?
SrTronosco, Jun 17 2015

       Ah, another [21 Quest] anno crash vacancy.   

       But no fear, I remember what he said.   

       When he's on the downswing, he's a luddite, doesn't believe in phone tech other than strings and cans.   

       But when he's full of coffee, he wants to wire the nation, and has volunteered to sit at a switchboard and plug connectors in and out of a terminal.
normzone, Jun 17 2015


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