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Hear and talk

Small is beautiful in the ear
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Build an ear piece in soft-solid silicone with a DSP-chip and a radiochip communicating at least at 10 metres with an external module connected to the interface of a communicating device or WLAN, then you have the smallest headset in the world with a weight a 3 g, a talk time at 10 hours not using Bluetooth and a price at $250. Compare with a digital hearing aid, which has a price at $2500 and headsets which the smallest has a weight at 9 g and a talk time at 3.5 hours and a range at 10 metres. All risks for radiation is gone away and people with a hearing can hear and communicate and also listen to MP3. It is possible to use a combination of air conduction and bone conduction to give this some interesting features.

That's all Peter S.

The weight of the battery is 0.83 g and the weight of the rest is about 2.17 g = 3 g. The lightest headset today has a weight at 9.0 g and is sitting on the ear and is rather big.

The price is low, because the costs for the standard components are low and of course it's a question of volume. The estimation is 200 000 units for the first year. The highest costs are connected to software programming of the DSP and radio chip.

chowchow, Dec 02 2003


       How did you arrive at the price point? I mean, aside from walking, driving...
thumbwax, Dec 02 2003

       3 grams plus batteries, I take it? And what DSP weighs 1 or 2 grams? Please specify and cost your parts in more detail.
kropotkin, Dec 02 2003


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