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The [CC] Music Show

Video clip show presented with closed captions to songs.
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Show featuring video (music) clips presented with closed captions featuring lyrics to the song.

Good if you want to sing along privately, embarrassing yourself when friends are over, or especially if you want to find out what that annoying garbled line really was.

Hell, why just one show, when you could have a WHOLE CHANNEL of this!

mrkillboy, Jul 21 2000


       Does MTV not have closed captioning? (Not that MTV plays music videos any more...)
bookworm, Jul 21 2000

       I believe that either VH1 or MTV have had shows that specifically address this, where the lyrics of the song are displayed in a seperate, scrolling bar beneath the actual video. I haven't had cable for a couple of months, so I don't know if these shows are still airing, but they were part of a series that encouraged audience interactivity, including live display of messages off a specific chat channel so people could comment on the videos as they played.
Cglenn, Jul 21 2000

       Surely there's a "karaoke channel" on some network somewhere...
egnor, Jul 22 2000

       Yes, MTV has "Say What? Karaoke," in which they gather together many people in a studio to sing badly. Except, that is, during "Spring Break," at which time they gather together many people to sing badly *outside.*   

       In both cases, the lyrics are streamed continuously across the bottom of the screen while the songs are being sung. The rap specials are almost futile, since most of the songs seem to consist of the word **** repeated multiple times in varying combinations.
jester, Sep 06 2001

       It actually used to be just 'Say What?', with the lyrics. Was nice sometimes to see what the lyrics were...Of course, Music Television no longer plays music...   

       Isn't 'karaoke' and 'sing badly' redundant?
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       Karaoke Fishtank, on Channel Four in Britain from time to time. Pop videos, lyrics at the bottom, sarcastic fish linking it all. Top late night viewing.
pottedstu, Oct 04 2001

       Or you could just watch Top Of The Pops with subtitles?
[ sctld ], Oct 04 2001

       Jamie Theakston = sarcastic fish?
pottedstu, Oct 05 2001

       I'm with [ sctld ]...the only way to watch TOTP is with subtitles and no sound. Helps you realise what a ridiculous spectacle it is once there's no music getting in the way.
-alx, Oct 05 2001

       -alx: True, but you got to play your own CDs instead. Get a nice bit of Radiohead over Steps; it's funny how they seem to interpret the pathos, horror, emptiness and sense of loss so well.
pottedstu, Oct 05 2001


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