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Top of Your Pops

Don't like a band? Watch another
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As much as I dislike most pop music, I still have a soft spot for top of the pops, or indeed any television show with live music on. However these programmes seem to be indecline, with top of the pops being moved to sunday.

The problem seems to be music channels, which mean that people are able to choose whatever type of music they want to watch.

I propose that these music shows employ the red button on digital tv remotes, giving the viewer the choice of several bands to watch, possibly split up by genre.

"cool, Arcade Fire are on" (short time later) "ugh! who put Towers of London on?!" [red button, chandes from 'indie' to 'urban'] "nice one, The Streets" (short time later) "ah, not bloody Usher" [red button, chandes from 'urban' to 'dance'] "ace, LCD Soundsystem" and so on...

Mad Dog, Jun 12 2005

The inspiration for this.. Trap_20of_20the_20Craps
Kind of like this but with a trapdoor instead of a red button [Mad Dog, Jun 12 2005, last modified Jun 13 2005]


       Much more viable, but too similar to just surfing the music channels. I suppose you could run the whole of the top 40 simultaneously in half an hour, that way you might get to see the bands you were waiting for. A tentative bun.
wagster, Jun 12 2005


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