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The moral world organization

Deem corrupt actions as crimes and overturn corrupt transactions
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This new international organization with millions of supporters and volunteers, fights the clients of arms deals, the customers of corrupt selling of islands, anyone benefiting from displaced peoples around the world, from exploiting slave labor and women trafficking, or gaining from stripping lands of natural resources.

The organization forces hotel owners, oil companies, brothel runners, power holders, to pay back through the Moral World Organization with plans to rectify the doings with the amounts of money received, and the assistance of the affected peoples.

It rebuilds up the lost paradises either in their location or, if not possible, creates thriving new locations, helping organize the people to construct an old-new community and learn to live alongside others without animosity.

I envision using this money so the slaves in Dubai and in the North Korean camps in the USSR, receive expert instruction and the funds to build themselves beautiful and comfortable compounds with running water and electricity, and also to run a community that has a bit of time to meet and have intelectual discussions about world issues, and even watch sports.

Or the people in the slums of Calcutta and Sao-Paulo creating a beautiful and green new neighborhood for themselves (I'm talking about vegetation not about black solar energy) with a new type of dry sewage system and wind powered electricity.

Offer the corrupt leaders forgiveness if they comply.

Start with three or four of the current worst cases. Like North Koreans, the Uyghurs, the Maldeveans, and the Congolese.

Of course this is on halfbakery, because the second half of the idea needs a lot of thinking out, since, as far as I know, till today, multi-culture has rarely succeeded anywhere, only assimilation into a single main culture. Or am I wrong?

In Israel, which is definitely NOT the worst place for anyone, but since its my country I'll discuss it, I would imagine bringing up a new model of multi cultural peace with the Arabs.

Starting with the Jews (secular, ultra orthodox and settlers) and Muslims (beduins, falahin, and city, modern and orthodox, from the Palestinian authority and even from Gaza) presented with a new model of living alongside each other: extreme religion and extreme secularity. With the assistance of facilitation and moderators, experts who assist the cultures that agree on how they can live alongside each other, without compromise.

I imagine the two nations learning to talk the languages of each other, and speaking to each other in a constructive way at facilitated meetings.

Naa, forget it. There's too much going on. Some Salafist will hatchet some anti-Zionist anti-temple-mount-prayer Jewish people's heads off with an ax, in order to protest the desecration of the Al Aqsa mosque, like a month ago, then the Israeli army, somewhere on their way to demolish the perpetrator's house, will shoot at Palestinian civilians and kill a few saying it was a mistake, and we'll be back in square 1.

This idea is good for a place where the people are willing to improve their livelyhood and where that alone is the issue. So lets get back to dealing with the Maldeves, or Congo. Or how about Hawaii?

pashute, Jun 30 2022

Yes Minister! https://youtu.be/cIYfiRyPi3o?t=257
Sir Humphrey Appleby explains some of the difficulties of morality. [DrBob, Jul 03 2022]

Moral World Organization https://docs.google...3s/edit?usp=sharing
tables for discussion [pashute, Jul 06 2022]

https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/groups [pertinax, Jul 15 2022]


       Why is this not an idea? An organization like this could sue Exxon along with Francisco Asue for their dealings in Equatorial Guinea, agreeing to settle if they rebuild the country and facilitate social (non political) activities. It won't rectify the political situation, and won't have the perpetrators of horrible crimes sit in jail, but it will help the people who are now being hurt. No?   

       Which category? What do you suggest?
pashute, Jun 30 2022

       //Why is this not an idea?//   

       It doesn't describe any new concept, invention, or type of organization. Various organizations -- of governments, not for profit and for profit -- have been suing various other organizations for doing bad things since there have been laws. You're just saying WIBNI if there was an organization that could stop all the evil in the world and naming the evils you see as most needing attention.
Voice, Jun 30 2022

       //Which category?//   

       Sorry if you already had it in culture:general. I read that as other:general.
Voice, Jun 30 2022

       You have dreamed a beautiful dream, [pashute], but I'm not convinced it's a half-bakery idea.
pertinax, Jun 30 2022

       Every time this has been tried in the past, giving others authority to determine your personal morals it becomes fanaticism and atrocities are committed with a guilt free conscience such as throwing acid in the face of a disobedient daughter or genital mutilation seen as morally correct.   

       Probably not a popular opinion but both the World Health Organization and the World Moral Organization can go piss up a rope before I will let my rational mind be conned by either.   

       //World Health Organization//   

       I'm sorry, the who?
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2022

       No, that was a pretty cool band from the 70's.   

       The reason I posted it here is because I wanted to see what you my friends think of THIS IDEA, which if, as I expected, would receive tons of pastry, I would leave everything I was doing and go establish.   

       Turns out it has its flaws and is considered by you as a bad idea.   

       But not not an idea!   

       I do not accept that. By the way. In Israel there is an organization called Shurat Haddeen (the line of law) which successfully sues terrorists and terrorist organizations and people who advocate terrorists and terrorism.   

       They were able for example to show that there were terrorists who admitted to rape in the name of the greater cause of hate and revenge, while the courts for many years were never counting the victims as terror victims and therefore they were not eligible to state supplied assistance.   

       This was achieved when the terrorists themselves proudly admitted their own reasoning, and even proved it to the court.
pashute, Jul 01 2022

       I think it is an idea, but WIBN.   

       It would be wonderful if everyone could live along side each other without compromise. Damn the humans…
xandram, Jul 01 2022

       //is considered by you as a bad idea. But not not an idea!//   

       An idea cannot both be a bad idea and a nonexistent one.
Voice, Jul 01 2022

       //Shurat Haddeen//   

       Thank you for telling us about this group, [pashute].   

       In what jurisduction(s) do they sue?   

       I'm asking this because, if they are your paradigm, and you want to make a similar group operate worldwide, then I suspect that some of the first problems you hit will be jurisdictional.   

       To put it another way, the reason why Amnesty International writes polite letters instead of serving legal documents is that, in places where the really bad things happen, the rule of law has (in most cases) already broken down.
pertinax, Jul 02 2022

       So, Texas, then?
RayfordSteele, Jul 02 2022

       I have only been in Texas once (changing planes on a business trip in about 2004); could you explain to me what systemic change has been happening there that amounts to a breakdown of the rule of law, [Rayford]?
pertinax, Jul 02 2022

       I don't know about Texas, but the complete failure to prosecute Epstein's clients (along with his death) are one proof that rule of law is dead in America. Maxwell will not kill herself.
Voice, Jul 02 2022

       ^ Agreed.   

       Not just in America though. There are many international movers and shakers on that pedo list, but there is suddenly far too much distraction to pay attention to those who fund the campaigns of the sell-outs pretending to serve us.   

       is there anybody here who still doesn't think that the last few years weren't a massive con job?
Or that the World Health Organization didn't remove the word Immunity from the definition of the word Vaccine just prior to shoving these "shots" down the throats of the public, under threat, merely to hand even more power over to the purchased political sell-outs and make billions for the actual string-pullers?

       Still think I'm a nut-job for sensing it from day one and having balls enough to say so from the start and telling the rest of the planet to pull their heads out of their asses?   

       It's been going on for generations. See Loving County.   

       And yes, 2f, you're a nut-job. Removing a word or not doing so is a complete red herring.
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2022

       I fail to see how changing a definition and then enacting governmental powers attributed only to the previous definition of the word vaccine without ratification of said powers based entirely on the new definition of the word and bankrupting the planet so that we all just stop getting in their faces about their corruption is in any way a 'false clue' or red herring.   

       There are none so blind as those who would not see.
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2022

       That's my line.   

       As was so elegantly stated above, Maxwell will not kill herself.
Feed the public on Dep vs Hurd and seal any lists or information pertaining to the douchebags behind the curtain.

       It's red herrings all the way down...   

       //Deem corrupt actions as crimes and overturn corrupt transactions//

Whose definition of corrupt are we using here? For example, you mention arms deals. Whilst these may be morally objectionable to some, to others they provide an essential means of defending themselves.

This idea feels like a case of trying to impose your morals on others. In your own country you can lobby for the laws you want & you can elect representatives to negotiate with other nations about moral standards but, as the UN proves, trying to impose a blanket set of standards on the whole world is not achievable without buy-in from everyone involved.
DrBob, Jul 03 2022

       //See Loving County//   

       I looked it up in Wikipedia. It seems to be a sort of "rotten borough", of the kind that was eliminated in Britain in 1832. However, I read that the most senior elected official was recently arrested for cattle rustling. The most senior elected official getting away with cattle rustling would indicate the absence of the rule of law. However, the same person being arrested for it would seem to indicate the contrary, wouldn't it?
pertinax, Jul 03 2022

       The main thing is that we at the MWO don't stir up a war against the bad guys, instead, we force them in western civil courts to make life bearable for the victims, and to compensate them for their suffering allowing the victims to enjoy some happiness in their life. (For example through art, education for their children, and places of commune).   

       The people who pay us are the ones that received the money for creating these conditions, or the ones that bought and now own those tools of destruction.   

       Just imagine if "Grace" from Kenya who migrated to India for prostitution, would know that her whole neighborhood would have the funding for meeting and working together with expert facilitation to better their living conditions, back in Kenya, payed from the pockets of the exploiters.   

       With good publicity, and also funding a similar project in India itself, the government would surely assist the WMO.   

       Shurat Haddeen fights in European, American, and Israeli courts. They successfully received some of the grabbed Shi'ite and Salafi terrorist funding, and use it for the treatment of victims.   

       No. I'm NOT imposing my morals. Looking at cases that ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would agree they were immoral, beyond any doubt. And looking at solutions that you would all agree are worthwhile.   

       See link to a list of the WMO moral campaigns, for victims of arms and drugs sales, and victims of energy and mining industries. For the orangutans, the Pygmy nations of Africa, displaced peoples and slaves. You are invited to debate these topics.
pashute, Jul 05 2022

       Loving County is a near-desert that sits on top of a huge wealth of oil. Almost nobody lives there (population 57), despite having hundreds of people on the voting rolls. You can vote there in Texas as long as you "intend to return there one day." The board gets paid high salaries despite no functional town and barely any infrastructure and controls tens of millions in budgetary investment. Most of the local government and law enforcement is related.
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2022

       I like your idea. I think what is good is objectively true regardless of who you are.   

       Some things are objectively good.
chronological, Jul 08 2022

       //Almost nobody lives there [etc.]//   

       Yup, that describes a rotten borough. Which is a Bad Thing. But a different kind of Bad Thing from a breakdown of the Rule of Law.   

       As I understand it, the more urgent threat to the Rule of Law in the US at present can be found in North Carolina, in that SCOTUS is hearing a case which would allow the current majority in the NC state legislature to cheat at elections, with no recourse, for opponents, to any kind of judicial review.   

       Now, *THAT* is a breakdown in the Rule of Law (...*if* I've understood the case correctly, which I may not have done).   

       I know, it's not really my business, I'm not an American, and don't live there - but please, you who are and do, please focus on the critical, direct attacks on your form of government, and don't be overly distracted by the merely annoying and provocative stuff; the small-d democratic world needs its superpower. Maybe in future that might be India or the EU, but it certainly isn't now.   

       And be encouraged; compulsive liar Boris Johnson has finally resigned in the UK (because *no-one* was willing to work with him anymore), and in Australia the coal industry lobby has been firmly removed from power at the national level - so such things can be done.
pertinax, Jul 09 2022

       //compulsive liar Boris Johnson has finally resigned in the UK//

Only as leader of the Conservative Party. He is still Prime Minister & will continue to be so until the cronies that have supported him for the last 3 years have finished fighting amongst themselves for his job. I see nothing to be encouraged about, tbh.
DrBob, Jul 09 2022

       Funny how we have a similar situation out here in the colonies where beds have been shat and then not vacated.   

       These men and women need their own pronoun I think;
How about Copropholitians?

       It just sort of rolls off the tongue doesn't it?...
...wait that's gross.


       The American's would just demand to be in charge of it and then misuse it for their own ends.
CasaLoco, Jul 14 2022

       That seems like an unnecessarily racist comment.
DrBob, Jul 15 2022

       Wait, I'm not allowed to hate countries?
Voice, Jul 15 2022


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