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upside loaded weather talk

weather talk memes toploaded with upsides for greater human enjoyment of weather talk
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First a moment of serious:

There are all sorts of writings about how words effect thought spaces, and how directing a narrative can systematically produce a preferred outcome. the phrase "manufacturing consent" come to mind.

While being completely honest, weather talk could have a bias towards positive associations that made weather talk even more of a social benefit than it already is.

Some examples of upside loaded weather talk:

A month of dawn (March)

Bask Bask (sort of like babytalk version of Its sunny and warm. I know a couple people who like each other a lot, and babytalk about the weather would go well with their repartee.

People could greet each other with "Sunny Day (name)!" when the weather is in fact sunny. I read a Dale Carnegie book, that mentioned most people really like hearing their own name, so that ups the benefit of the weather talk to sometimes include the other persons name as a meme form

"It's bring your girlfriend weather" I have no idea what this one means, but it sounds auspicious.

"tell the Tesla to tour the sunbreaks" (partly sunny)

We got swimmers high! (so rained on you cease feeling the rain)

looks like a sidewalk cleaner this afternoon

The air is chilled fruit


Quick! drive under a tree (the weather does not effect us)

beanangel, Apr 29 2021


       Just to note: I have not read the book "Manufacturing Consent", its just as a two word phrase it also says a lot.
beanangel, Apr 29 2021

       + I really like this and think it may be used for other purposes Besides weather talk.
xandram, Apr 29 2021

       Rain == Liquid Sunshine
a1, Apr 29 2021

       This sounds biased in favour of those weird people who like sunny, hot weather. What if you quite like gloomy, autumnal weather with a smell of rotting vegetation and persistent rain?
hippo, Apr 29 2021

       hippo, move to Portland Oregon.
a1, Apr 29 2021

       Maybe I should - the nearest I've been to there is Seattle
hippo, Apr 29 2021

       Seattle might better satisfy your damp preferences. Portland is In the driest April since forever this year.
a1, Apr 29 2021

       Growing, petrichor day, on the way.
wjt, May 01 2021


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