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The river of wine

Farm grapes and make a river of them
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This huge land area would be designed to create a literal river of wine. Wild grape vines would be grown on steep embankments among rodents who would eat some of the grapes. Larger animals would be there to chase the rodents, knocking ripe grapes down into a channel. As long as some percentage, even a few percent, end up rolling down this works. Just make the vine area as large as necessary.

The channel would be shaped to drop the grapes over a sort of grape waterfall covered with sharp, long-lasting stone outcroppings such that at the bottom there would be a waterfall of grape juice. Hopefully some animal can be found to eat the grape pulp before it rots.

This grape juice would flow into a long, slow-flowing underground lake containing the appropriate life forms for fermentation and hopefully for removal of other impurities. Thence it would flow through moss filters into the river. I give you the wine river from Lucian's A True Story!
Voice, Jul 07 2022

Finding animals to eat the grape pulp https://www.smithso...mal-world-81007700/
Should not be difficult [a1, Jul 07 2022]


       A croissant for such a wonderfully whimsical idea,   

       but I do think it would only be grape juice. Wine   

       needs time for fermentation.
xandram, Jul 07 2022

       Perhaps the lake of fermentation might flow into the river of wine.
whatrock, Jul 07 2022

       edited for clarity
Voice, Jul 07 2022

       //flow through moss filters//
That's pretty clever. You might want sequential pools; 1 turbulent/mixed pool for fermenting, then 1 "still" pool to distill the alcohol off the top. I think the whole idea is crazy enough to actually work.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 07 2022


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