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workouts for animals

to yield tasty meat
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Im a veggie...but got this thought while talking to few friends who eat meat...''muscles'' of chicken/lamb etc are supposed to be very tasty i have seen hens being caged in poultries...tight spaces..all packed in small confinements...and then lamb sitting idly chewing grass or sleeping sometimes... human beings workout at gym or at home...and end up burning fat and building muscles... so why cant we apply the same muscle building logic to animals ...that way animals will be more tastier than before..more muscles and less fat

how do we make chicken run around?..may be scare them using trained dogs or something like that...and for lambs...people managing them can figure something...like pretending to whip them...or whatever...

ravi kris334, Aug 10 2011


       Although I firmly believe that farmed animals should have the opportunity to run around, you are mistaken about the impact on meat quality.   

       The flavour of meat comes largely from fat; most lean meats don't have much flavour. That's one of the reasons why "traditional" breeds (which typically have more fat) are tastier than modern, uber-lean ones.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 10 2011

       Besides, give any animal enough space and it will move plenty no incentive needed.
zeno, Aug 10 2011

       Most meat animals that are raised for taste/tenderness (i.e. veal, Kobe beef) are purposefully restricted to stalls in which they cannot move (and are subjected to other deplorable treatment, which is why I and many others as self-righteous as myself will not eat them, no matter how delicious). Encouraging meat animals to exercise more than their daily routine already encompasses would, as mentioned by others, result in tough, fibrous meat with an unpleasant metallic aftertaste. This is why those of us who hunt deer for meat go after younger animals rather than huge old gnarly bucks with giant racks that would look impressive hanging on the wall. The last deer I shot (unfortunately, not the last one I killed, but you all know that saga) was a 6-point buck, probably four years old judging by the teeth, and he was delicious, but a little tough. This is why beef cattle are typically slaughtered at age 2 or 3.   

       Encouraging livestock to 'exercise' by frightening them constitutes animal cruelty, which is generally frowned upon, and it can lead to serious infrastructure damage if the frightened animals in question are larger than, say, a sheep. Also,as [21] points out, scaring an animal right before slaughter ruins the taste. Hunters who tell you that it's better to take a deer on the run are irresponsible idiots who don't know what good venison tastes like.   

       Rant concluded. We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.
Alterother, Aug 10 2011

       OMG!...so many complications...im glad to be a veggie!..thanks everyone for the inputs..being a veggie obviously i was unaware of these things...
ravi kris334, Aug 11 2011


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