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The sank game sonic-Mario-link

A game app
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An App inwhich you are a class of anything you pick. Your objective is that you must go through many quests and side quests, while going in dungeons, but you must defeat you greatest enemy. It switches from third person to sidescroller-platformer to beat em up to any other genre you want. At the end you would choose if you wanted a fighter or any other genre of game to defeat your foe. You would be able to style your avatar and throughout the game, you can build a life. You can build a house, a town, get a wife, and even have kids! You must choose wisely at the beginning of the game for you moves, but in certain places you can find shopkeepers who allow you to trade in your moves for different moves.
mlee5047, Feb 13 2012


       I like the idea. It would be like a paper super mario smash bros rpg.
daseva, Feb 13 2012


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