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T'elevator app

such a phoney...
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So I was getting on an elevator the other day and got to hear the tail-end of an advertisement playing as it's emergency phone had been randomly dialed by an automated messaging service.
Yes, the elevator got spammed.
Oh it's true.

It got me to thinking that it should be possible to create an app which would have listed the numbers for all elevators in a give area and by typing in a current or known address you could phone that elevator whenever you wished.
You'd have your own custom piped in musak play-list for the rides.
You could prank your friends.
Speak with guests on the way up.

Oh the fun you could have.

Since the spam message I heard was audible without the receiver being lifted from the phone's cradle, I wonder if elevator phones are always on speaker mode and if this would let people hack and listen in on elevator conversations in public buildings?


       Don't you think "they" listen in now?
cudgel, Aug 28 2015

       Hack in to the elevator at Google's offices. Give them your elevator speech. Get job in corporate IT.
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2015

       Are you certain it was the emergency phone it was coming from, and not an annunciator for which floor you're on, or the muzak system?
normzone, Aug 28 2015

       Yep definitely the emergency phone. It was only a three story building with no other speakers.
Threw me for a bit of a loop it did. I mean it 'is' a phone line, which means it must have a number that can be dialed. I'd just never thought about it before.

       I find it odd that you could dial in to it. Many office lines have gatekeeper front desk type systems. Perhaps its an emergency code law to have one that can be reached.
RayfordSteele, Aug 29 2015


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