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The ultimate flying machine.

No fans, no combustion, no balloon - ultimate flying machine.
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The structure looks like a chair tied to a relatively big umbrella. Place some americium-241 at the top of the umbrella. For those who don't know americium-241, It is a radioactive element that emits alpha particles. These alpha particle has a tendency to knock an electron off of the atoms around it. This makes the air molecules around it to be positively charged. (You can find them in your smoke detector). Now create a spiraling negative charge so these positive air molecules are pulled in high speed taking a spiral path on the top of the umbrella . This creates low pressure at the top of the umbrella and you got yourself a lift off. Maybe a small fan for the navigation.
my2cents, May 03 2002

How Smoke Detectors Work http://www.howstuffworks.com/smoke2.htm
Link for [my2cents] [phoenix, May 03 2002]

The _real_ ultimate flying machine http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Hullaballoon
Look and learn. [waugsqueke, May 03 2002]


       // Now create a spiraling negative charge //   

globaltourniquet, May 03 2002

       Thats the part not baked yet. For starters something similar to rotating magnetic field.
my2cents, May 03 2002

       An electric RamJet? I imagine it would take a fair amount of positive particles (and therefore a fair amount of radioactive substance) to create sufficient lift. (Air molecules per pound of thrust anyone?)   

       Don't forget the weight of the mechanism generating the negative particles and it's fuel source. And don't crash the thing.
phoenix, May 03 2002

       This is indeed one of the three common fire detection technologies out there. The other two are LED laser reflection of scattered particles, and simple heat. My engineering internship was at a smoke alarm manufacturer back in '96.   

       I like the originality of the idea, even if it might not be practical in terms of the radioactivity and force requirements.
RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

       Could you not just have a hot-air balloon with radioactive heater rather than the traditional burner?
pottedstu, May 03 2002

       Despite your engineering background [RayfordSteele] I'm betting that you couldn't get the craft off the ground using LEDs, either.
bristolz, May 03 2002

       Probably not, but I could make it look like it's going really fast.
RayfordSteele, May 03 2002

lubbit, May 03 2002

       Let me get this straight: the idea is for an Ionocraft?
Selky, Aug 20 2009

       //the idea is for an Ionocraft//
Oh, I'm sure you could use it to visit other Scottish islands.
coprocephalous, Aug 20 2009


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