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Wanted: Vacuum Dirigible Service Tech

Job Description:
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fixes holes in vacuum containment system. charges extra for in-flight repairs.

replaces worn-out vacuum with new fresh vacuum. charges extra for organic vacuum, containing only all-natural ingredients.

other in-flight services to be provided: defends dirigible against half-bakateers attacking premise of vacuum-dirigible practicality. must have knowledge of quantum field theory, Hindenberg history, and forensic debating techniques.

apply at: jobs@vacblimps.com

sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011

Vacuum Dirigible Centrifugal_20vacuum_20balloon
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Vacuum Blimp _22Prayer_20Wheel_22_20Vacuum_20Blimp
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Vacuum Dirigible vacuum_20sphere
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Vacuum Dirigible Balluum
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Vacuum Balloon Heat_20pumped_20vacuum_20balloon
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Rumblebird 297 solar-powered vacuum dirigible Rumblebirds
[sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 03 2011]

Giant insects Bigger_20Insects
suitable for [MB]'s sulfur hexaflouride enriched atmosphere [mouseposture, Mar 05 2011]

_22Prayer_20Wheel_22_20Vacuum_20Blimp [FlyingToaster, Apr 14 2012]


       //replaces worn-out vacuum with new fresh vacuum// That is very wasteful. You could just clean it, using a vacuum cleaner.
pocmloc, Mar 03 2011

       I went to the library today and requested an Internet terminal from the attendant to (remember this) "look for a job". A while later, as I was perusing the HB, the same guy walks behind me and glances at the screen just as I pull this post up.   

       Thankyou HB.
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2011

       I used to be well practised in forensic debating techniques, but I had to give it up. My palms were becoming hairy.
Canuck, Mar 04 2011

       [FlyingToaster ] I would say you are eminently qualified for the posted job.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 04 2011

       // worn-out vacuum //   

       We hope you have made provision for the "depleted" vacuum to be safely disposed of.
8th of 7, Mar 04 2011

       // his brain stopped working //   

       Mission accomplished.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 04 2011

       // We hope you have made provision for the "depleted" vacuum to be safely disposed of. //   

       The plan is to ship the depleted vacuum in large containerships to Pocmloc Industries for vacuum cleaning and recycling and/or safe disposal by launching into outer space. The launch costs should be quite low.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 04 2011

       Now that's interesting.
rcarty, Mar 04 2011

       No, not when all those concepts weren't networked in the above way.
rcarty, Mar 04 2011

       Max, your airship programme could be piloted underwater, where air is less dense than the atmosphere. Also, underwater is spacious, so there would be many places to go.
bungston, Mar 04 2011

       //put enough sulphur hexaflouride into the atmosphere to raise its density// That idea is far too good for a mere anno. Do it in a volume smaller than the Earth's atmosphere. I want videos of insects flying in an atmosphere of 21% O_2, 69% N_2, 10% SF_6. In fact, why settle for 21%? Make it 31% and have 15% larger insects as well <link>   

       No, wait! In addition to insects I demand echolocating insectivorous bats as well!
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       When the Internet first hit the streets, I was working for a friend of mine who had started up an ISP/Consulting business. Sweet hardware, but the software was hardly turnkey: everything was virtually duct-taped together by another friend (we had all attended some courses together). I found the concept of reading a webpage hosted way out in country A with links and sidebars to virtual papers in countries B & C, totally jaw-dropping.   

       So as I'm taking a break, late at night, from trying to make sense of a jimmy'd up Access database, to fill in the gaps between the original guy's ideas and my own... heck nobody's around, let's get geeky in the server room; play with the blinkenlights.   

       Ooh, wonder if Playboy has a website. Of course they do. The Indigo, running Console for the ISP's freshly finally-got-it-up'n'running server, immediately locks up solid.   

       And of course, unbeknownst to me, while I'm trying to fix the terminal, the highly religious very upstanding pillar-of-the-community owner and his charming wife have slipped in the back door of the ops room on an ad hoc tour, only to be greeted by Miss March, full colour in all her glory, on a 21" monitor.   

       Appended my own vacuum blimp Idea, "Prayer Wheel", to your list. <link>
FlyingToaster, Apr 14 2012


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